Bath & Spa Gift Box Review June 2019

Who needs to worry about June gloom when you have Bath & Spa Gift Box coming your way? This month the theme Barefoot in the Water will take you to a beach destination without leaving your home. I’m talking about the true ocean experience in your bath!

I was so excited when I realized Deb had sent me the Deluxe Bath & Spa Gift Box for me to review! Up until now, I had been getting the Luxury one, that starts at $26.61 per month. The Deluxe option brings a few more items and/or more quantity on some of the items included in the Luxury Box.

I explain a bit of that in my video unboxing but I will try to show you the difference between the two options.

As per usual the packaging is on point. They do an excellent job and pay so much attention to detail. I even re-used the packaging for Mother’s Day last month.

This time we have a stunning color combo that matches the theme perfectly. Look at that! Didn’t want to open it, it was so perfect.

On top we received a new model of product card: it listed all the items with a photo and a brief description. And it also had a section where they provided information about two of the Butters used in this kit: Shea butter and Cocoa Butter. I really like this new feature!

We also received a handwritten thank you note by the owner Deb Key and a sneak peek card for next month’s theme, which will be oat meal and honey, doesn’t that sound amazing??

The inside blew me away! The first thing I noticed was some bubble wrap on top to protect the contents and then a gift box! A gift inside a gift, my eyes watered, just kidding.

Foot Kit

Inside we found 3 5oz containers, a Foot Soak, a Foot Scrub and a Foot Cream, perfect set to take care of your feet this summer. The scent was Ginger and White Tea and it smells heavenly. It also included a little scoop. I think the way this was packaged made it extra special and it can be a gift to someone as well.

Both the Luxury and Deluxe boxes include this kit but the Luxury one brings 2 oz each instead of 5oz.

Soap Bar

Next up we have a beautifully crafted glycerin soap bar called The Wave and it’s a gentle skin care bar. Its scent is Abalone Sea. Look how stunning this is. This is included in both types of subscriptions.

Bath Bombs

One of my favorite items in the boxes are the bath bombs. In the Luxury box, this month you’d get one of the two bath bombs and another bath fizzy.

In the Deluxe box, you’d be getting the blue Ocean pearl bath Bomb with Abalone Sea scent and the Deluxe includes that one and the pink Coral Reef Pearl with Blue Mist scent. They both smell amazing. I haven’t opened them but in the product card it shows they have pearls on top and they note that those are just sugar. How fun!

Bath Fizzy

In both options there is another bath fizzy, either a mermaid tail or a sea shell shaped bath bomb.

I received the sea shell one wrapped in a gorgeous purple foil and the scent is Mohoi of Tahiti. Cannot wait to use this! You can use it in the bath or in the shower but be careful with the oils making the floor slippery.

Bath Melts

Next up we received a set of 4 fizzing bath melts. You drop one in the water and let the oils and fragrances do their job for you to relax and unwind. The scent is Mohoi of Tahiti (this whole theme gives me Moana vibes).


Next up we have a candle, this time blue and mermaid theme, matching perfectly with the theme. It’s called mermaid dreams and its pink sand scented. Smells so nice.

And of course we received a sweet treat and this time it was 2 Oreo cookies that I gobbled down as soon as I finished filming and shooting. Can’t wait to set up my next bath time with the fizzies, the candle and do a nice foot therapy!

Bath & Spa Gift Box Review June 2019 – Final Thoughts

I love how this month’s Bath & Spa Gift Box was curated with the theme being cohesive and pulling the ocean as the main focal point along with a little magic. I highly recommend this box over and over again because the products are all natural, handmade, they smell amazing and they work so well with sensitive skin! 5 stars!





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