Bath & Spa Gift Box Review October 2019

Bath & Spa Gift Box is a monthly subscription box curated by Front Range Soaps that delivers premium bath and skin care items to your door to turn every day stress to every day bliss.

October marks the 1 year anniversary of me getting this box! I first subscribed and paid for it on my own and later the owner started sending it to me for free for review. It’s hands down one of my favorite subscription boxes and I look forward to it every month.

Every month we get a sneak peak of the box to come and in September’s Bath & Spa Gift Box we got a glimpse of what October’s would look like: Halloween themed and fall colors!

You have two options to choose from when you sign up, the Luxury Box that brings 4-6 premium items and the Deluxe Box that brings 5-7 items, or more quantity of those items. I will be reviewing the Deluxe Box.

Each time the packaging leaves me in awe, it’s always impeccable, gorgeous and you don’t want to open it in fear of ruining it.

Inside we get products carefully wrapped, with a top sheet of bubble wrap and squiggles to protect them. Right off the bat it smells amazing.

Here’s the product card with photos of the items and this month there’s a little funny joke on each one in relation to Halloween.

Here’s everything we received in the October Bath & Spa Gift Box:

Glycerin Soap

This is one of the funniest soaps I’ve ever received, and they always make at least one soap that’s creative and unique. This is a tombstone coming out of the ground! The scent is Bergamot Lily.

Bath Bomb: Ghost

Another super fun item to add to bath time is this cute ghost shaped bath bomb or shower steamer! Fragrance is ghostly night. Never heard of it but I am super intrigued!

Bath Bomb: Candy Corn

Who doesn’t love candy corn anything? Add a candy corn bath steamer to your self care routine and you’ll feel like a kid again! Scent is candy corn, yum!

Bath Bomb: Three Eyed Monster

The scent of this hilarious bath bomb is plum sugar and I might save this one for my boy’s bath time! I know they’ll love it.

Bath Salts

This time they made the bath salts into a candy corn package and it’s absolutely adorable. The scent is candy corn and we have white, orange and yellow layered bath salts!

Premium Skin Care Bar

In the shape of a pumpkin and with some fun shimmer we have a premium skin care bar with the scent deluxe vanilla. Needless to say it smells divine, like cozy autumn.

Body Butter Luxury Skin Cream

This lush body butter has shea oil and vitamin E and it’s silky, smooth and non greasy. perfect for the colder months ahead to keep our skin soft and moisturized. Scent is mystical woods. Oooohhhhh.

Sweet Treat

Every month we get a yummy treat and this time around we received some M&Ms!


Last but not least, we have a candle in a black jar, perfectly fitting the theme and smelling amazing. The scent is fog cloud and it’s very unique, not overpowering but delicious.

Bath & Spa Gift Box Review October 2019 – Final Thoughts

I absolutely love October’s Bath & Spa Gift Box! You can see the love and thought that goes in to curating this box to make us feel pampered. The scents are divine, the products are top notch, all natural and hand made, what else can we ask for? I cannot wait to take several baths using these amazing items!!

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