Bean Box Review May 2020

A Bean Box coffee subscription is a tour of the world’s best coffees, delivered fresh from Seattle and Portland’s top coffee roasters. Get started by choosing your subscription type, roast preference, and payment plan. Always FREE shipping. They kindly sent us this box for review.

Bring on the coffee beans! Oh my goodness, I can’t even begin to describe how excited I am about today’s review. I have been on the hunt for a good coffee subscription for the last few months and I think I found one! Today I am reviewing Bean Box for the first time and I already know I am going to love it.

Subscription Details

Bean Box has a couple subscription options to choose from, in addition to some really great gift boxes.

The Bean Box Sampler ($24 per month: Includes 4 – 1.8 oz bags of coffee (totaling to 7.2 oz), which brews 16-24 cups of coffee.

  • choose whole bean or ground
  • choose medium, light, or dark roast, or a mixture

The Coffee of the Month ($26 per month): Includes a 12 oz bag of coffee, which brews 24-36 cups of coffee, and can be delivered every month, every two weeks, or every week.

  • choose medium, light, or dark roast, decaf or espresso

Here’s a peek at my May Bean Box Coffee Sampler…..

Ethiopian Guji Wolichu Wachu

“Wolichu” like another cup? Of course! Coffees from Guji are famously light, sweet and juicy. In this washed process roast, the dense, high-grown bourbon beans bring a rich body and an entire orchard of clean, fresh-squeezed citrus flavours. 

The notes in this light/medium blend are lime, blood orange and tangerine. It is from True North coffee company.

Johnson House Blend

A big roast with rich flavour, named for where the roaster’s father used to “broadcast” on the radio. Do you recall what it felt like to enjoy a chocolate bar when you were young? This coffee brings just as much joy. 

The notes in this medium blend are chocolate, toffee and nostalgia. It is from Broadcast Coffee Company.

Columbia La Joya

With it’s notes of chocolate-covered fruits, this fine Columbian is a joy to brew and behold. Light, bright and flavourful, this high-scoring cup from Narino region will leave you feeling as sweet as it tastes. 

The notes in this light blend are milk chocolate and strawberry. It is from Kuma Coff company.

Roaster’s Choice

Bold with a real kick, but polished and refined like a gentleman. This full-bodied blend of Ethiopian, Latin and Sumatran beans has been a local cafe favourite for over 25 years. For dark-roast lovers we can’t imagine a better beacon of morning light. 

The notes in this medium/dark blend are bold, rich, complex and clean. It is from Lighthouse Roasters company.

Bean Box Review May 2020 – Final Thoughts

What a wonderful little box of coffee! I am very happy with my first Coffee Sampler from Bean Box. I received enough coffee for 16-24 cups. The perfect amount to get me through the next month. I received a great mixture of roasts which will allow me to sample a nice variety of blends and learn what I like and what I don’t like. The Bean Box Coffee Sampler is available in whole bean or ground. You are also able to choose medium, light, dark roast, or a mixture. I like the idea of starting with a mixture and narrowing it down to a specific roast after I discover what my flavour preference is. I am very excited to have finally found a coffee subscription box and will definitely be looking forward to my Bean Box delivery each month.

-AYOB Sarah

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