Beauty Box 5 Review July 2016

Beauty Box 5 Review July 2016

Beauty Box 5 Review July 2016 – I wish I knew the exact date that Beauty Box 5 launched their first box. I know they have been around for a while, and I’m pretty sure they were one of the first subscription boxes on the market. I think I reviewed my first box more than 3 years ago……wow, have I been doing this that long? Anyways, I really enjoyed the last couple month’s from BB5, and was looking forward to receiving this month’s box.

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Beauty Box 5 Details

If you aren’t familiar with Beauty Box 5 it is a subscription-based, beauty sampling service that delivers 5 deluxe samples and full-sized products right to your door every month. This box was provided complimentary for review and may include affiliate links.

Box: Beauty Box 5

Cost: $12 per month ($30 for 3 months or $99 for 1 year)

What You Get: Sign up for a subscription with us and we’ll deliver a surprising mix of 5 pretty cosmetic samples and full-sizes in an adorable box straight to your mailbox monthly.

Ships to: Canada & US

Shipping Cost: FREE to US & $3 to Canada

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Subscription Details

When you sign up for a BB5 subscription you have three options to choose from – monthly, quarterly, and yearly. I already think the price is extremely reasonable. A monthly subscription is only $12 per month. But if you sign up for a year subscription you only pay $99 which means you save $45.

You will also fill out a beauty profile when you sign up for your subscription. However, this doesn’t mean that your box will be fully customized. You will get the same items as other subscribers but could receive a slight variation of colors, shades, or products sent out.

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 Hikari Cosmetics Eye Shadow

Babes, add another shadow to your growing makeup collection! This highly pigmented powder glides on so easily and is super build able. Throw this single into your makeup bag – it’s the perfect traveling companion.

I don’t wear a lot of makeup but I will wear eye shadow almost every day. I receive the shade “Almond” which is described as matte light beige. I really like shadow colors like this because they are a great “all over” shadow. I like to apply a light shade up to my brow bone and a darker shade on my lid……that is the extent of my shadow expertise…..very impressive isn’t it.


Beauty Box 5 round Blending Brush

You’re gonna want some exercise before being on the road all day and blending is optimal cardio. Use this brush to buff eyeshadow and sweep on glowing highlight. Keep this cutie on hand for en-route touch ups. 

I feel like makeup tools add value to subscription boxes. We never use to receive them so they kind of became a coveted item. I’m glad that this one is a blending brush because that’s what I use most often. When I’m feeling confident with my makeup applying skills I will attempt to apply a dark shadow in the outer corner of my eye and use a  brush like this to blend it.

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Chella Tantalizing Taupe Eyebrow Color Pencil

A bold, defined brow perks up your face more than gas station coffee (and it’s probably fresher, too!). The super fine tip on this essential keeps everything precise and there’s no need to sharpen. 

I’ve received this brand before and actually quite like it. However, I don’t really have the need for an eyebrow pencil, mine are super dark as it is. It’s kind of a shame because I receive some really grey brow products in my boxes. Is there another use for this? Eye liner perhaps?

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Skinny Tan Mini Mitt

Get that well-traveled glow before you go! This handy little mitt-lette will help you apply self-tanner evenly and streak-free while keeping the color from staining your fingers. (Plus, could it be more adorable?)

Self-tanner  is way too complicated for this girl. I tried it once and ended up looking like a zebra. I have stayed away from it since then, and I actually prefer my skin without a tan. Seeing as I am probably the only person on the planet who feels this way, I will probably be the only subscriber who won’t get use out of this item.

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Sweep Rose Gold Tweezers

Ever glance in the rearview mirror at a red light and notice those stray hairs? Stash these rose gold beauties in your middle console or purse just in case! The sharp, slant tip is ideal for plucking brow and chin hairs. 

Eeek! I never thought I would be so excited about tweezers. These are AWESOME! And I love that they included the matching mirror. I haven’t purchased a new pair of tweezers in years, so these are very much appreciated. They get huge bonus points for this item…….please start including more products like this!

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Beauty Box 5 Review July 2016 – Final Thoughts

I have been extremely impressed with Beauty Box 5 the last few months. I’m so glad I started reviewing this subscription again. I took a little break from BB5 for a few months (maybe longer than that) and I am really glad to have them back in the review rotation. I am in LOVE with the tweezers this month. Rose gold is always a good idea. I should also point out that all of the items we received this month are full-size items, and that is pretty darn amazing. I use to think of this box as a sample beauty box……not no more! If you are looking for a new beauty box to try, this one should definitely be on your list.





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