Beauty Box 5 Review March 2017

If you aren’t familiar with Beauty Box 5 it is a subscription-based, beauty sampling service that delivers 5 deluxe samples and full-sized products right to your door every month. They are passionate about spicing up your make-up bag and bringing some life and fun back into those boring morning routines. They kindly sent us this box for review.


Beauty Box 5 is such a great little box!  It’s the perfect gift to yourself, especially if you love new make up items and trying out new looks!  Beauty Box 5 does a great job at providing a variety of items from month to month, so you never truly know what you’re going to get, but over a span of months you can be sure you will receive an item for almost every part of your bathroom vanity!


I love this card!  I already think we are off to a super great start!

Sweep Lashes – Retail $15

If you always wanted to try falsies, now’s your chance!  First, measure lashes to your lash line and trim to size.  Apply adhesive to the lash band and wait 30-45 seconds until glue is tacky, then place right above natural lashes.

Mmmm, seems easy enough, but knowing me I’ll probably glue them half way up my eye lid!  I’ve never been good with false eye lashes and have only worn them once in my life!  Ahh.!  You got me outside my comfort zone here Beauty Box 5!  But I’m willing to stretch myself and give them another go!

Bellapierre Cosmetics Glitter- $15

This cosmetic glitter can be applied with a mixing medium or directly to the skin, eyelids, hair, lips and even your bubble bath!  The ultra-fine grains are perfect for adding some versatile sparkle to your look without irritation.  Apply over the eyeshadow or above for a dramatic look that will turn heads.

Ok, this is straight out of my 90’s childhood!  I remember putting glitter pretty much everywhere in the 90’s.  Is this ok to do again?  I had no idea glitter was back in style.  I’ve used a shimmer before, but I’ll have to remind myself how to apply my sophistication to this glitter application.

Sweet Lash Helper – $9.99

Use this innovative tool to help you perfectly place false eyelashes on your lash line.  Once lash is in the head of the tool, tilt chin up for an easier view and apply.

See, Beauty Box 5 was like, “Someone out there is going to get this box and be afraid of placing the eye lash mid lid.  We should probably provide some sort of tool to help this poor soul.”  That was me you were talking about!  And I’m so thankful you thought of this item.  This makes false eyelashes way less scary!

Prestige Cosmetics True Metals Eyeshadow – $9.75

Before popping on your lashes, you’ll need some colour!  With either wet or dry application, these eyeshadows create a perfectly, foiled look with their metallic finish and pigmented hues.  Apply all over your lid with your favourite flat brush or fingers.

Love this!  This is the kid of item that’s in my daily make up bag.  I’ll be getting a lot of use out of this.  The colour is also right up my alley!  Standing-O!

Manna Kadar Lash Primer – $24

Going for a natural look without the falsies?  Lash primer is a clear, base coat that naturally lengthens and bulks up lashes before application of mascara.  The creamy formula features proteins and hydration for hair follicles and prevents mascara from flaking.

This is also a super great item to have in the every day make up bag!  I may not want to put falsies on every day, but I will be using this item on a day-to-day basis to make sure my eyes lashes are all that they can be!

Beauty Box 5 March 2017 – Final Thoughts

Am I the only one thinking Wedding Season with this box?  I feel like these false eye lashes will really come in handy when it’s time to fancy it up as the wedding guest!  This month’s box had a great mix of practical items and fun out there style!  Beauty Box 5 is always a hit with us and it’s the perfect little box for someone who is just starting to get into the world of subscription boxes.  I almost always find a use for everything I get and have even sought out full size items of samplers I’ve received.





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