Beneathe Underwear Club Review July 2019

Beneathe Underwear Club is a recurring subscription box for women where monthly, you will get ever changing styles of underwear delivered straight to your door! They kindly sent us this box for review.

I’ve never ordered underwear online before but I was really excited when I saw my Beneathe Underwear Club package arrive in the mail. Not only would this be my first ever shipment of underwear, but the fact that it would be a surprise made me that much more enthusiastic to see what was inside!

The package arrived in a neat ziplock bag that contained the two items. As expected in the “Mix It Up” option, there was one pair with less coverage, and one with more. See below for the juicy details!

Subscription Details

When you sign up for Beneathe Underwear Club you have a few options to choose from.

Mix It Up: A combo of anything! Each month you will get one Less Coverage option and one More Coverage. This is perfect for someone that wants a variety!

Less Coverage: 2 hand picked thongs, v-strings, g-strings and cheeky pairs.

More Coverage: 2 hand picked Bikinis, briefs, or boyshort undies. If you want a little more coverage/ comfort this might be the option for you!

They give you the choice of sizes from Small to 3x so there is a pair for everyone! Skip a month or cancel anytime using their user-friendly website. No hassles, no commitments, they want you to be happy and confident!

Here’s a closer look at my July Beneathe Underwear Club delivery….

A pair of white bikini underwear: It’s summer season where I live and that also means it’s time to break out the white skirts and shorts. This cute pair of plain white underwear is perfect for ensuring that your dark coloured underwear isn’t showing through your favourite white bottoms. The material is also super soft, smooth and thin so you don’t have to worry about any lines showing through!

Floral thong: I’m always a big fan of floral print no matter the season, but right now the flowers are blooming in the my garden so why not keep the theme going down there? Made from a similar material as the white pair of underwear (a mix of polyamide and spandex), this velvety fabric feels amazing on your skin!

Beneathe Underwear Club Review July 2019 – Final Thoughts

Being a member of Beneathe Underwear Club would be great for yourself or as a present for your BFF or your significant other. There is a reason why underwear is a popular item for Christmas stockings and you can never have enough cute underwear! Plus with Beneathe Underwear Club, you never have to worry about not having something stylish to cover your most intimate parts again. I look forward to next month’s surprise already!


Beneathe Underwear Club

Beneathe Underwear Club is a recurring subscription box for women where monthly, you will get ever changing styles of underwear delivered straight to your door!

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