Bespoke Post Review July 2016

Bespoke Post Review July 2016

Bespoke Post Review July 2016 – You guys, I have been waiting for this month’s Bespoke Post box……anxiously waiting. I think this is the most exciting box I have ever received from them, and I was really tempted to order 3 more. Sadly it is no longer available, I had a feeling it would sell out fast.

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Bespoke Post Details

If you aren’t familiar with Bespoke Post it is a monthly subscription box for men. Each month they release at least one new Box of Awesome. It’s a limited edition collection of products packaged together – in a box. Each box is built around a specific story or theme – their goal is to introduce men to something new.

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The Box: Bespoke Post (Island)

Cost: $45

What You Get: Bespoke Post delivers fresh and interesting lifestyle brands and products to men. Each month, you’ll get to choose from one of Bespoke Post’s limited-edition boxes filled with an array of products built around a central, unique theme.

Ships to: US, Alaska, Hawaii, and Canada

Shipping Cost: US = FREE, Alaska, Hawaii & Canada = $10

Coupon Code: use code “BOX20” to get 20% off your first box – CLICK HERE

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Subscription Details

On the 1st of the month, Bespoke Post release new boxes for you to purchase. If you already have a subscription/account then you will get an email notification when they are available. They usually release 2-4 boxes. The best months obviously being when they release 4 (more options). The last few months some of the boxes have sold out, so I highly recommend logging in to your account as close to the beginning of the month as possible. If you really like to be surprised you can just let them choose the box for you, which is what they will do if you don’t login to your account and choose a box yourself.

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Pineapple Tumbler, Set of Two – The Pineapple Co

These handmade, brass-plated, aluminum core, PVD-coated tumblers are sure to imbue any guest with a sense of warm welcome. Both from the individually (and therefore all slightly unique) hammered cup itself – the top of which detaches into a pedestal base – and whatever cocktail it holds. They’re crafted by the Brooklyn-based, food-obsessed team at The Pineapple Co to toast your next balmy happy hour.

How do I possibly put in to words my love for these little pineapples. I am so excited about these, probably more so than any other item I have received in my Bespoke Post boxes, or any other boxes for that matter. I think I like these so much because they are multi-taskers. In addition to using them as tumblers, you could also use them as decoration. I’ve been wanting to stage a bar cart for months, and now I have the perfect little centre pieces for it.

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Tropical Passion Fruit Syrup – Liber & Co.

Liber & Co. stands on the front lines of the mixology frontier, making damn fine drinks a whole lot easier. Their passion fruit syrup uses (you guessed it) yellow passion fruit from Peru, which gets pressed and blended with pure cane sugar. The sweetness from the fruit balances with a tart smack for a velvety, balanced addition to any drink with rum – it’s especially good in a Hurricane – or any other spirit whatsoever.

This syrup fits with the tropical theme perfectly, and I love that the label is pink. It will look very cute on my bar cart. They have a couple of recipes on the back of the bottle but they both include alcohol (obviously). Seeing as I don’t really drink alcohol, I decided to add a little bit of this to my Soda Stream soda last night and it was WONDERFUL. I have a new appreciation for fruit syrup.

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Custom Tropical Coasters, Set of Two – Bespoke Post

In the flickering torchlight, no one is watching for ring marks on the tiki bar. At home, it’s a different story. But these paperboard coasters are more than just a safeguard against stains – they’re a statement of identity. We custom designed them with a refined tropical-themed print, so they’ll add a subtle accent to your home bar alongside that beautifully made cocktail.

These aren’t overly exciting, but they round out the box nicely. We received one for each tumbler, and as with the other items, they will look super cute on my cart.

Bespoke Post Review July 2016 – Final Thoughts

This is by far the best Bespoke Post box I have received. They went through a little lull a few months back and I actually ended up taking a break from them. But……the last few month’s have been awesome. They have released some really cool boxes this year. Let’s hope they keep it up. I can’t even describe the excitement I felt when I saw these little pineapple tumblers on their website at the beginning of the month. I hope they start releasing more boxes like this, although I’m not sure if they will ever be able to top the pineapples.


Bespoke Post

A monthly subscription box for men. Each month they release at least one new Box of Awesome. It’s a limited edition collection of products packaged together – in a box.

Use coupon code YEAR20 to get 20% off your first box! Learn More about Bespoke Post »

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