Bespoke Post Review March 2018

Bespoke Post is a monthly lifestyle subscription box. They scour the world for fresh and interesting products. Each month they create a themed ‘Box of Awesome’ that will introduce you to a new and different way of thinking. In the previous months, they’ve sent aged cocktail sets, coffee hand-grinders, high-end shaving kits, and more.

Bespoke Post is my go-to subscription for men’s gifts, but I’ve told you that before. What I haven’t really told you is that it’s also my go-to subscription for treating myself. Bespoke Post might focus on men’s boxes, but some of those boxes also make great gifts for women. In January I picked out a box for my Dad, and this month I picked out a box for myself.

Here’s a look at the box we received for March….

Bluetooth Headphones Sudio

Let’s get right down to it: we’re giving you the choice of two damn fine pairs of Bluetooth 4.1-enabled headphones. Both have been designed by Sudio, a Swedish brand with an eye for Scandinavian minimalism, and will allow you to bring crystal clear, well-balanced sound with you whether you’re commuting to the office, at the gym, or out and about running errands.

We got to choose between the On-Ear Headphones and the Earbuds……we chose the Regent On-Ear Headphones…..

Regent On-Ear Bluetooth Headphones:If you want an everyday pair of on-ears to wear at your desk, on the subway, or at home, look no further. These look nice and sleek on top of your ears, feature an on-ear controls, and the drivers deliver an impressively rich and immersive sound to get you in the zone. The battery life is fantastic, with over 24 hours of active use (or 20 days on standby) from a single charge, and they fold up to a nice, compact package when you need to toss ’em into your backpack or briefcase.

Bespoke Post Review March 2018 – Final Thoughts

Yass! This is exactly what my travel bag was missing! A good pair of on-ear, bluetooth headphones. I don’t do a lot of traveling, but I recently discovered the importance of a good carry-on bag (no matter how often you travel), and all the items one should have in said bag. I have most of the basics, but one of the items I was missing was a pair of headphones just like these ones. Imagine how excited I was when I saw Bespoke Post release this as one of the box choices for March. The Sonic box was just one of the options for March and I jumped at the chance to order it for myself. Not only are these headphones comfy but they do seem to cancel out at least some of the surrounding noise. On our last trip I noticed how important this is….airplanes can be noisy. I’m excited to add these to my carry-on bag and excited to see what Bespoke Post comes out with next.


Bespoke Post

A monthly subscription box for men. Each month they release at least one new Box of Awesome. It’s a limited edition collection of products packaged together – in a box.

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