Bespoke Post Review November 2017

Bespoke Post is a monthly lifestyle subscription box. They scour the world for fresh and interesting products. Each month they create a themed ‘Box of Awesome’ that will introduce you to a new and different way of thinking. In the previous months, they’ve sent aged cocktail sets, coffee hand-grinders, high-end shaving kits, and more.

Bespoke Post is our go-to subscription when it comes to men’s boxes. We honestly can’t say enough about this box. The price point is extremely reasonable, they come up with the best themes, and the products are high-quality.

Oh, and we should also mentioned that they just released their very first women’s box. How exciting is that!! Sadly, it is already sold out, but I’m hoping they will release a new women’s box each month in addition to the men’s boxes.

Here’s a look at the box we ordered for November……

The Box – Stealth

Strategy is key to conquering your to-do list. Generally speaking, we like to start at ground level then build up to the big stuff. But whatever tactic you choose — hell, everyone’s got their own way of doing things — your everyday arsenal better be fully loaded before you even think about carrying out your missions. You wouldn’t want to get caught empty-handed, now would you?

This is exactly the kind of box I love to see when I log in to my Bespoke Post account on the 1st of the month. This is the kind of box my Brother, Dad and BF fight over. It has gotten to the point where I feel the need to order 3 Bespoke Post boxes every month.

Bear Edge 61106 Assisted Opening Knife

A quality pocket knife is an indispensable part of your daily kit. From opening packages, to slicing fruit, to cutting someone free from their seat belt in case of emergency, you never know when a razor sharp edge will prove useful. Ready yourself for anything with this tactical-grade tool. Heat-treated, ground, and assembled by Bear & Son out of Jacksonville, Alabama — a brand with a rich history in the cutlery game — the blade is forged from American-made, rust-resistant 440 stainless steel that’s taper-ground to a fine point, with a sideliner lock and assisted opening for easy access. The handle’s crafted from black aluminum with Zytel scales and fitted with a reversible pocket clip, so you won’t lose track of the knife over the course of your day.

Pen-Ultimate 7-in-1 Tool Pen

Equip yourself with a tool as multifunctional as you are. Part ballpoint pen, part pretty much everything else you might need on the daily, it’s got flat and Phillips head screwdrivers, a spirit level, inch and centimeter rulers, and a touchscreen stylus all housed within its aluminum body. Break it out no matter the task, and you’ll be ready to take it on.

Stealth Money Clip

Cold, hard cash won’t solve everything — but it can help. Keep your bills (and a couple of cards) compact and organized with this simple American-made money clip. Craighill’s crafted it just for Bespoke Post customers from tough stainless steel with a nitrocarburized black coating, sure to withstand any wear and tear the world might throw at you.

Key Safe

Keep loose ends like cash, medications, and other small items secure with this little number. The Tin Mill’s fashioned it from sandblasted 304 stainless steel that’s been coated with oxide for a sleek, modern look. And where there’s form, there’s a whole lot of function. Specifically, we’re talking about how the key safe is designed to be completely watertight. Meaning that whatever you decide to store inside — and we mean whatever — it’ll be completely protected.

Bespoke Post Review November 2017 – Final Thoughts

I am super impressed with this month’s box selection. Stealth is definitely one of the best boxes we have received from Bespoke Post. Some of their boxes have one feature item with a couple supplementary items, but the Stealth box has three really awesome products (four if you love a good money clip). I mostly ordered the box for the knife, but upon opening it I discovered that the pen and Key Safe are right up there in terms of awesomeness. I already have a recipient in mind for this box, but now that I have it in front of me I am kicking myself for not ordering two more. If you are looking for a Christmas gift for the man in your life you honestly can’t go wrong with Bespoke Post.


Bespoke Post

A monthly subscription box for men. Each month they release at least one new Box of Awesome. It’s a limited edition collection of products packaged together – in a box.

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