Blume Review July 2018

Blume is a Time of the Month Subscription Box. It represents today’s generation of confident, tenacious and conscious young women. Safe, sustainable products are big for us. Shop period and self-care products today! They kindly sent us this box for review.

Have you heard the news? ElleBox is now Blume! That’s right! ElleBox has changed their name and revamped their subscription offering. Just in case you are new to the blog, I have been reviewing ElleBox FOREVER and I absolutely love it. Time of the Month boxes are one of my guilty pleasures. I would subscribe to all of them if I could. Anyways……today I get to have a peek at Blume for the first time and I am pretty darn excited about it.

Subscription Details

Everyone is different, and we believe your Blume box should be personalized for you. So we made our Blume Boxes fully customizable.

Start with base box that works for you. Choose your products, add-ons, and the frequency. We take care of the rest.

Add on 1: The Self-Care Bundle includes Hug Me, Day Dreamer and Meltdown. Get the Self-Care Bundle shipped just once, or quarterly. $38

Add on 2: The Discovery Bundle includes 2 new self-care gifts that we curate and know you will love. We partner with new companies every month to help you find new products for your daily self-care rituals. The products are organic and made locally in small-batches. Get the surprise bundle every month and never stop discovering new products. $20

Add on 3: The treat, is well, pretty much self-explained! Usually chocolate, but sometimes we mix it up with popcorn or a cookie or something delicious. We think it’s almost necessary to receive a treat every month. $3

Add on 4: The PMS bundle includes tea and Cloud 9. We choose teas to soothe your period cramps and partner with local vendors to make sure it’s always delicious. Plus, avoid popping pills to relive your cramp pain and use CLoud 9 instead. Shipped once or quarterly so you never have to deal with cramps again. $15

This month we are reviewing the Base Box with the Self-Care Bundle. Here’s a closer look…..

Period Stuff

Organic Tampons – Our tampons are made of ingredients you can actually pronounce, like 100% organic cotton. No mystery ingredients. A soft outer layer + an absorbent and leak-proof inner layer = the best tampons ever. Available in both super and regular so you can use the products right for you.  Plus choose between plastic or cardboard applicators.

First up we have the essentials, this is what comes with your base box, your choice of pads or tampons. You can choose cardboard or plastic applicators, super or regular tampons. If you choose to receive pads you get to choose regular or overnight.

Hug Me – Deodorant

Blume deodorant is hardworking and good to wear all day every day. All of our friends and customers told us they wanted a natural deodorant they didn’t have to reapply every two hours. Our secret ingredient: probiotics.

Apply to underarms in 2-3 swipes for 24 hours of protection.

No need to remind you how excited I get to receive natural deodorant…….I love it! Just like period essentials this is another product you need to purchase every month or two. I love that Blume has created their own version and that we can get it delivered on a regular basis.

Day Dreamer – Face Wash

A gentle, moisturizing and purifying cleanser formulated using moor and soothing plant extracts including jojoba, chamomile, lavender and geranium. Lifts away surface impurities while hydrating the skin and visibly diminishing redness.

Start your day with two pumps and massage in circular motions onto wet skin. Rinse and pat dry. Moisturize, apply SPF and you’re off to slay the day.

For night use, massage 3 pumps onto wet or dry skin after makeup removal. Slowly massage in circular motions and add water as you go. Pair with your favourite night cream, add a drop of Meltdown and you’re ready for bed.

Keep in mind that the Self-Care bundle comes with the same items every time and can be delivered just once, or quarterly. Day Dreamer is another item in the bundle, one I am looking forward to testing out. I am extremely picky with my face care items but if I can find one that works and if it can be delivered on a regular basis, I would be a happy camper. Here’s hoping……

Meltdown – Acne Treatment

Give your zit a meltdown so you don’t have to have one. This powerful blend of natural ingredients takes down pimples overnight. You can also apply this when you feel a spot is about to erupt to prevent it from ever seeing the light of day!

Apply as needed after cleansing (we recommend using Day Dreamer), prior to applying night cream.  Let out one drop on your fingertip, and directly apply to all breakouts.

The next item in our Self-Care bundle is acne treatment. This is a must-have during your period. I always end up getting at least one little blemish (if not two or three) during my time of the month.

Cloud 9 – Essential Oil Roller

When it comes to PMS, we know you’re not ovary-acting. That’s why we made this blend. The rollerball makes application easy and fun. When we’re putting this on, we’re not focusing on the blender in our uterus. So, stop, drop and roll!

Apply to abdomen in circular motions, five to ten times. Let it work its magic.

I almost peed my pants when I saw this last item. Oh my goodness!!! Blume really has created an amazing product line for period essentials. I started using essential oil for period cramps a few months ago and now it is my go-to product each month when the cramps hit. I love that this is one of their new products. It makes me love Blume even more than I already did.

Blume Review July 2018 – Final Thoughts

So there you have it. A peek at the brand new Blume! I always get a little nervous when companies make such big changes, especially when I was happy with their product to begin with. But I am happy to report that Blume is a better version of ElleBox, which is really saying a lot because I was already in love with the time of the month subscription prior to the changes. I love that Blume has created their own product line and I love that we are still able to order the discovery bundler (2 new self-care gifts each month) as well as treats and tea. My favourite part of the old subscription was the chocolate and the tea so I’m glad to see we haven’t lost that option. So far I am a huge fan of the changes and have already fallen in love with Blume. I can’t wait to see more!


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