BohoBabe Box Review January 2019

Welcome to the beginning of the new year! A time when everyone starts making resolutions about being healthy, going to the gym, or maybe starting a new hobby. The creators of BohoBabe Box are hot on the trail with this as well for their box for January and I love every single item inside it! Let’s get into this!

Create Your Own Vision Board by BohoBabe ($10)

I’m not going to lie. It felt as thought BohoBabe Box was reading my mind when I got this in my box. I had already sketched some items and thoughts for my Vision Board for this year. I was preparing to print out pictures and get the items I needed for this project. These cards are going to look wonderful on my vision board. I can’t wait to get started!

Lotus Hair Clip by BohoBabe ($16)

I squealed when I found this in the box and as I am typing this I am currently wearing it in my hair and I absolutely LOVE IT! It is so dainty and beautiful. I love that it is gold and I can’t help but smile when I catch its glint in the mirror.

Lotus Intention Bracelet by Matilda August ($6)

I love the idea of setting an intention or a goal anytime of the year. But to see that intention and goal come to fruition is something that is wonderful. This is a Lotus bracelet that when you put it on your wrist you make a goal or wish and you wear it everyday. Once the bracelet starts to fray you know that your wish is on its way.

Californian White Sage Fire Lighters by The Smudge Stick Shop ($15)

“As the new year is upon us. There is no better time to hold a new moon fire ceremony to clear the negative energy and set intentions for the new year ahead.” I love the idea of starting anew. It reminds me of the phoenix. When it sets itself afire it is not gone but born anew. Think of it that way at the beginning of the new year.

Energy Essential Oil Inhaler by Joyful Aromatherapy ($6)

This smells sooooo good! I can’t even explain to you how much better I felt after having a migraine for over a day and getting this in the mail and taking a whiff. This aroma can inspire you to take on new tasks with a fresh mind and perspective. I will be carrying this in my pencil bag that I take to work every day.

Crystal Infused Fresh AF Deodorant Spray by Self Goddess ($9.99)

This is a really interesting idea that I am excited to use on a day that I don’t have work. No need to be stinky at work, but you bet your bottom dollar that this weekend I am going to try this! This is an organic and natural lavender and Clary sage spray. This automatically is a win in my eyes because I love lavender. Lavender is probably my favorite essential oil and smell. I can’t wait to try this out.

YASSS Queen Gummy Melts by Scents and Nonsense ($6)

These are super neat and ADORABLE! They are sea moss, water lotus, and violet. They are made with essential oils, which I am ALL ABOUT. These are going to be perfect for my wax melter!

Fire Agate Gemstone by BohoBabe ($10)

This stone is known for increasing your passion and giving guidance to the things in your life that you crave or want to manifest in the new year. It helps you focus on your desires and really help guide you into the mindset that you need to get things done.

New Adventures Print & Fire Agate Postcard by BohoBabe – BONUS ITEMS

I love that they send bonus items every month. The prints that they send are perfect for a vision board as well!

BohoBabe Box Review January 2019 – Final Thoughts

The BohoBabe Box Crew just keep upping their game every single month! I knew it! BohoBabe Box knocked it out of the park again in the beginning of the New Year. I officially feel like I am ready for the new year and everything that it has in store!

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