Bokksu Review May 2017

Bokksu is a premium subscription service for people to discover delicious snacks and teas from all over Japan. Having lived in and snacked through Japan, Founder Danny Taing curates a gourmet box for subscribers every month filled with authentic Japanese snacks and tea pairings. They kindly sent us this box for review.

May Theme – Bokksu Fan Favorites

Bokksu is celebrating its first birthday, and it’s all thanks to passionate Bokksu Members like you! We’re honored to have taken you on gourmet journeys to historical Kyushu, artisanal Kyoto, beautiful Hokkaido, and more. We’ve also increased the variety of snacks each month, upgraded our custom-designed box, and expanded our membership to over 20 countries around the world. Throughout this adventure, we’ve discovered that there are some snacks that appeal to certain palates but there are also some snacks that receive rave reviews across the board. By popular demand, we’ve curated this month’s “Fan Favorites” box to include the 8 most beloved snacks and teas from this past year.

This is such a fun idea!! I absolutely love the themes Bokksu comes up with. What a great way to celebrate their first birthday. I kind of wish more subscription boxes did this. I love the idea of receiving favourite items from past boxes. Great job Bokksu!!

Here’s a closer look at the favourite items from the past year:


Manju is a traditional Japanese confection made with flour, rice powder, and buckwheat. Instead of the traditional red bean filling, this fluffy manju from Akita Prefecture is stuffed with white bean and cheese to create a sweet and savory happy delight.

  • Fan Favorite of January’17 Bokksu: Maru.

These are better than I was expecting. I didn’t really taste the cheese as much as I thought I would. The cake is moist and not too sweet.


Unlike many other matcha snacks that use usucha (light tea), this slim and sleek gluten-free matcha biscuit uses koicha (concentrated tea), which is a higher quality matcha that results in a richer flavor.

  • Fan Favorite of December Bokksu: Artisanal Kyoto.

I love that these are a biscuit as opposed to a cake. The matcha flavour is very strong, so they won’t be for everyone. I really like them though.


Made using 20th Century Pear from Tottori Prefecture, this crumbly butter cookie infuses your mouth with a perfect blend of white chocolate and fragrant pear with each bite.

  • Fan Favorite of October Bokksu: Autumn Appetite.

Ummm…..these are amazing!!! I love the cookie, white chocolate and pear combo. I could easily eat a box of these.


This fluffy, rich chocolate is baked to perfection and melts in your mouth with every bite. These mini chocolate cakes are so delicious that you won’t be able to have just one!

  • Fan Favorite of August Bokksu: Kuro.

Oh my goodness!! I think these are the best thing I have ever received in a Japanese snack box. I can’t even describe how good these are. They kind of have a soft, creamy centre. I don’t even know what it is, but they are damn good.


Senbei is a traditional Japanese rice cracker usually baked or grilled and glazed with soy sauce. Goma (black sesame) adds a roasted, toasty flavor that complements the savory, crispy taste of the senbei well.

  • Fan Favorite of August Bokksu: Kuro.

This is the kind of Japanese snack I love to receive. I would be happy with an entire box of Senbei. They are really crunchy and lightly flavoured.


Jaga Pokkuru is made from 100% Hokkaido-grown potatoes. These high quality potatoes are cut and processed using a unique method to achieve this snack’s signature crispy texture. The roasted salt further brings out the potato’s innate flavors.

  • Fan Favorite of June Bokksu: Hokkaido Eats.

These taste just like crispy french fries…….so good!


Hailing from Hokkaido’s capital city of Sapporo, this crunchy mocha and corn snack becomes more addictive with every bite. Soy sauce is also sprinkled in to mix in a savoury deliciousness to the natural sweetness. 

  • Fan Favorite of June Bokksu: Hokkaido Eats.

I can definitely see how these would be addicting. They taste like really crunchy popcorn.


This apple green tea is a unique blend of premium Sencha green tea with crisp, sweet apples and aromatic rose petals. Enjoy the fragrant smells of apple and rose before taking warming sips of this slightly bittersweet tea.

  • Fan Favorite of October Bokksu: Autumn Appetite.

My favourite part of the box. I love that they include a sampling of tea every time.

Bokksu Review May 2017 – Final Thoughts

I just absolutely love this month’s Bokksu theme. I think it was a genius idea to create a box full of fan favourites, and like I mentioned above I think more subscription boxes need to do this. I love the idea of receiving a bunch of favourites. And…..I can certainly see why the snacks in the May box were so popular. They are all soooooo good. I had a little nibble of each and easily could have finished them all off in one sitting. Bokksu will continue to be my favourite Japanese Snack Subscription Box. Now… it time for the June spoiler? I can’t wait to see what they come up with next.



Bokksu is a subscription box of premium Japanese snacks and teas delivered from Japan to your door every month.

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