Bombay & Cedar Review January 2020

Bombay & Cedar is an aromatherapy, beauty & lifestyle subscription box featuring full size products including essential oils, diffusers, skincare, books, snacks & other products carefully curated for the discerning woman who lives a life inspired. They kindly sent us this box for review.

Bombay & Cedar is starting the year off with a bang. They have a gorgeous new box and a pretty new product card. It was a pleasant surprise when it arrived in the mail as I had no clue they were making any changes. I also see a slight change in regards to the difference between the mini box and the premium box. It appears as though the mini box has a couple product variations that are slightly different from the products included in the premium box.

But enough about that…..let’s get in to the January Premium Bombay & Cedar box……

Subscription Details

Here’s a quick look at the Bombay & Cedar subscription details……..

  • Join The Tribe: Every month they will delight your doorstep with a new aromatherapy theme. No contracts, skip a month, cancel anytime.
  • Cost:
    • Premium Box = $49.95 per month
    • Mini Box = $29.95
  • Shipping: $6.95 to US, $16.95 to Canada, $23.95 International

Here’s a closer look at the January Premium Bombay & Cedar box….

Gingergrass Essential Oil ($14)

Dating back to the 18th century, Gingergrass is known for its herbaceous woody and citrusy aroma.

I could smell the Gingergrass oil the moment I opened the box, and it smells wonderful!! It’s refreshing and energizing. It’s said to improve circulation, increase blood flow, relieve sinus congestion, relieve headaches, and reduce inflammation.

Refresh Essential Oil ($14)

A proprietary blend of essential oils created to not only open the sinuses but refresh your mind.

Refresh is a blend of lemon, eucalyptus, lavandin, cypress and clove leaf. It will open the sinuses, refresh your mind, energize and invigorate.

Cookies by Partake Cookies ($1.29)

Free of the top 8 allergens & gluten, these cookies are crafted with true love and are truly crave worthy.

I’ve never heard of this brand of cookies before so I am excited to learn about them and give them a try. They are vegan and gluten-free, which is awesome. I received ginger snap, but they are also available in other flavours like chocolate chip, birthday cake, double chocolate chip and carrot cake. These would be great for lunch boxes.

Who Knew? 10,001 Household Solutions ($24.99)

This book will help you with natural and simple solutions to your daily tasks requiring only basic, and inexpensive, items with multiple uses that you should always keep on hand in your home.

I love books like this. I could (and probably will) spend hours paging through it. This is the kind of book that I will place on my coffee table, or a side table in my office so that it’s easy to grab when I sit down and take a 10 minute break. An easy read full of great ideas!

Glass Reed Diffuser by Spa Room ($30)

This beautiful hand-blown glass diffuser enhances decor by adding elegant flair to any room. Fragrance solution contains 100% pure essential oils.

This is a gorgeous home decor item and one that I will definitely get use out of. I already have a spot picked out for it, in our living room on the shelf beside the TV. If I remember correctly it was available in a few different colors. I chose grey because my decor colors are very neutral. The scent I received is Strawberry Presecco……it sounds heavenly.

Charcoal Purifying Bags by California Home Goods ($15)

These purifying bags work naturally as an odour remover and air purifier to maintain a fresh, breathable environment.

This is the kind of product I love to see in my Bombay & Cedar boxes. It’s unique and I probably wouldn’t have discovered it on my own. You can toss it in your laundry, gym bag, smelly shoes, bathroom or even your car. I’ll probably end up putting it in my car as that is where I appreciate an odor-free environment most.

Coconut Kitchen Brush by EcoCoconut ($4)

These multipurpose cleaning brushes give a sustainable and natural option when it comes to cleaning dishes and more.

I believe subscribers could have received one of a few different brush styles from one of two different brands. This is something I can see myself using often when it comes to cleaning dishes. I may get a cute little jar/vase to stand it in so I can keep it right beside the kitchen sink.

Teeth Whitening Kit by Cougar Beauty ($55)

This whitening kit is perfect for professional, at-home results without the costly dental bill.

It has been a while since I used a whitening kit, a few years to be exact, so I am happy to see this in the box. It comes with 3 gel syringes, 1 shade guide, 1 LED light and gum shield. It’s a 7 day treatment, it’s fluoride-free and easy to use.

Nail Clipper Duo Set by Almost Famous ($18)

2-pack Rose Gold Nail Clippers – one large, one small – with ultra smooth “soft touch” luxury finish.

This is a product you don’t typically expect to see in a subscription box, but it’s one that I am excited to receive. Is that weird? I usually gravitate toward the practical items and these rose gold nail clippers are so much cuter than my plain ol’ silver clippers from the dollar store.

Citrus Dish Soap by Opulent Blends ($2)

Tough on grease and dried-on foods, Opulent’s special formulation will leave your hands soft and moisturized.

Bombay & Cedar Review January 2020 – Final Thoughts

Bombay & Cedar started shipping in July of 2017. They have been around for a few years now and I knew from the very beginning that they would become a favorite. I truly look forward to this box every month. I love the variety of items we receive and I LOVE the essential oils. The January box brought with it some beautiful changes  – new box, new product card. I’m also very excited to announce that Bombay & Cedar has added a beauty box to their subscription offering. If it’s anything like their lifestyle box then it’s a must-try for 2020!

-AYOB Sarah

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