Bombay & Cedar Review May 2019

Bombay & Cedar is an aromatherapy, beauty & lifestyle subscription box featuring full size products including essential oils, diffusers, skincare, books, snacks & other products carefully curated for the discerning woman who lives a life inspired. They kindly sent us this box for review.

The fact that there’s a subscription box focusing on aromatherapy products makes me pretty darn happy. I still get giddy when my Bombay & Cedar box arrives each month and LOVE the fact that I receive 2 new essential oils in each box.

Subscription Details

Here’s a quick look at the Bombay & Cedar subscription details……..

  • Join The Tribe: Every month they will delight your doorstep with a new aromatherapy theme. No contracts, skip a month, cancel anytime.
  • Cost:
    • Premium Box = $49.95 per month
    • Mini Box = $29.95
  • Shipping: $6.95 to US, $16.95 to Canada, $23.95 International

Here’s a closer look at the May Premium Bombay & Cedar box….

Radiate Essential Oil Blend by Bombay & Cedar ($16)

Radiate essential oil is a proprietary blend of 100% natural oils to help protect and nourish the skin. It’s beneficial to ensure your pores are unclogged and stay unclogged.

I am very intrigued by this oil. I think it’s the first Bombay & Cedar oil we have received that doubles as a skincare product. It is made with Jojoba which just happens to be a favorite.

Cedarwood Essential Oil by Bombay & Cedar ($16)

Grown exclusively in the Himalayas where the bark and twigs are stream distilled to produce exceptional cedarwood essential oil.

Bombay & Cedar did something a little different this month. For our second essential oil we could have received one of 3 – I received cedarwood. Cedarwood aids in focus and concentration, supports respiratory health, helps with itchy skin and nourishes hair.

Sweet & Salty Popcorn by Prince & Spring ($1)

Every piece of perfectly popped popcorn bursts with flavour and crunchy goodness.

Does anyone else get as excited about popcorn as I do? I could eat it everyday……all day. This is brand I am yet to try so I’m looking forward to testing it out.

Highlighter Drops by Appeal Cosmetics ($29)

Want summertime glow year round? Look no further than these drops. Available in three luxurious shades – Bronze, Platinum and Gold.

This might be the only item in the box I won’t get use out of. I blame it on the fact that I hate wearing makeup. But….it’s a great Summer product for subscribers who do wear makeup.

Fabric + Air Refresher by Grow Fragrance ($7)

A modern home fragrance that is 100% plant-based, toxin free and safe for your home. Available in three scents – Bamboo, Black Currant Rose and Citrus Cedar.

This makes me very excited. I love fabric sprays and I LOVE that this one is plant-based. Air fresheners can often contain questionable ingredients and I definitely prefer a natural spray to a regular spray.

Exfoliating Pouch by ElizabethW ($7)

Use in the shower or bath to gently exfoliate and stimulate circulation. The salts and their naturally occurring minerals will help revitalize the skin. Available in three scents – Magnolia, Rose and Té.

I was surprised when I took this pouch out of the box. It definitely has some weight to it. I’m assuming it’s the salts inside. I like the idea of stimulating circulation. This will be great to use in my morning shower.

Gift Certificate by Appeal Cosmetics ($20)

Check your box for your gift card with code. No minimum purchase required.

Paint by Number Postcards by Knock Knock ($14)

Fill in the numbered areas on each postcard and you’ll have twelve mini-masterpieces that you can send, use as thank you cards or keep for yourself.

Such a cute idea! I love a small project and this is one that I could do when I have an extra half hour here or there. You could save the cards and frame them or send them to a loved one.

Packable Straw Visor by Wona Trading ($20)

This straw hat with an adorable bow in the back is the perfect added accessory to block out the sun. Available in three colors.

I love a big hat and this one is super cute! I’m loving the fact that it can be rolled up as it will be easy to pack in my travel bag. I always want to bring a big floppy hat with me on vacation but hate that they take up so much room. This little number solves the packing problem.

Travel Flat Iron by Glister ($45)

The Mini Adventurist is your new solution to glamorous travel, featuring an exclusive designer travel pouch for convenient carrying & styling on-the-go.

Another travel-friendly product. I love it! I am all about travel-sized items. I like to pack as little as I can when I go on trips. Preferably I like to fit everything in my carry-on bag so this item is perfect for me.

Bombay & Cedar Review May 2019 – Final Thoughts

Bombay & Cedar curates an amazing box month after month. I have loved this box from the moment I laid eyes on it and I still love it to this day. The May box includes two really great travel-friendly products which are perfect for Summer road trips. I love the oils we received, specifically the Radiate blend as it can be used on skin or in a diffuser. The fabric spray smells amazing and it’s plant-based (which makes me very happy). Basically I love all the items we received with the exception of the highlighter drops, but that’s only because I rarely wear makeup. Overall this is one of my favorite subscription boxes to receive.





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  1. What??? This box is so good! I want to subscribe

    1. Bombay & Cedar is amazing!!

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