Bombay & Cedar Review September 2019

Bombay & Cedar is an aromatherapy, beauty & lifestyle subscription box featuring full size products including essential oils, diffusers, skincare, books, snacks & other products carefully curated for the discerning woman who lives a life inspired. They kindly sent us this box for review.

The last few Bombay & Cedar boxes have been exceptionally amazing. Probably some of my favorite boxes from them to date. Bombay & Cedar has been a favorite from the beginning. And I’m reminded just how amazing this subscription is each time I go to the mall and look in the essential oil store. Let’s just say I no longer have to purchase my essential oils from the mall and as a result I have saved a lot of money.

Subscription Details

Here’s a quick look at the Bombay & Cedar subscription details……..

  • Join The Tribe: Every month they will delight your doorstep with a new aromatherapy theme. No contracts, skip a month, cancel anytime.
  • Cost:
    • Premium Box = $49.95 per month
    • Mini Box = $29.95
  • Shipping: $6.95 to US, $16.95 to Canada, $23.95 International

Here’s a closer look at the September Premium Bombay & Cedar box….

Spanish Rosemary Essential Oil ($14)

This oil is a circulatory stimulant. It has been shown to increase blood flow and is useful in treatment of blood pressure problems. It’s also used to stimulate mental cognitive processes, help to retain memory and focus and reduce headaches.

Spearmint Essential Oil ($14)

This oil is derived from the plant Menthat Spicata which has spear-shaped leaves. It may be used for improving memory, fighting bacterial infections, reducing stress, lowering blood sugar and more.

Spearmint and peppermint essential oils were a lifesaver during my first trimester. It was one of the few scents that I could tolerate and it made me feel better when the nausea kicked in (which was a lot). It continues to be my go-to essential oil now that I am in my second trimester because there’s just something so fresh, calming and invigorating about this cent.

Brain & Body Bar by IQBar ($2.49)

The perfect morning or afternoon pick-me up. IQ Bar focuses on the brain and body and are also gluten-free, vegan, kosher, kept, low-glycemic, and paleo friendly.  Available in three flavours.

This is my first time receiving this brand so I am excited to learn more. Apparently it has 6 brain nutrients, 10g plant protein, less than 1g of sugar (which is awesome) and 4g total net carbs. Each bar has 160 calories and I’m quite comfortable with the ingredient list.

Moisturizing Oil Spray by Hemp Seed Body Care ($15.99)

This spray replaces lotion as a daily moisturizer or added to bath for ultimate relaxation & pampering. Use as a lightweight massage oil, in place of perfume or as an after-bath and shower moisturizer.

This is easily one of my favorite items in the box this month because you all know how I feel about oils. I love them! Whether it be for my skin, face, hair or nails…..I love it all. I was a little worried at first as I thought this might be similar to a dry oil since it is a spray, but I’m happy to report that it’s not. I applied a little to the back of my hand and I am in love. It has a really nice consistency, not too thick and not too thin, it absorbed nicely and left my hand really soft.

I’m also really loving the scent. It could definitely be used in place of a perfume and that is exactly what I have been looking for.

Puzzle Book by Several Authors ($9.95 – $16.95)

Which one will you get? Solving puzzles helps reinforce existing connections between our brain cells. It also increases the generation of new relationships. This, in turn, improves mental speed and thought processes.

I believe this is an item that came in a few different versions. I received 417 more games, puzzles & trivia challenge specifically designed to keep your brain young. An example of some of the challenges are:

  • One Syllable Words – come up with a one syllable word starting with each letter of the alphabet
  • Find the Words – find 45 words in the picture that start with “w”
  • Word Tower – here we have a list of 14 words starting with PA, each word has one more letter than the last

The more I go through this book, the more I fall in love with it. I can’t wait to try some of the challenges.

Beauty Tool by Almost Famous ($24 – $29)

Make getting ready fun with one of these must have tools. Premium boxes include either a beauty blender with rose gold stand, precisions brow shaver or eyelash curler. MINIS include the beauty blender.

I love that Bombay & Cedar is starting to offer products in different variations. I received the beauty blender with rose gold stand. This is such a wonderful product for those of us who use a beauty blender on a regular basis. Rather than throwing the damp blender back in your makeup bag you can leave it in the stand to air dry.

Vegan Handbag by Ampere Creations ($30 – $35)

You will look trendy and smart with one of Ampere Creations high quality vegan leather handbags. Available in 11 styles.

This item was a customization option for subscribers. Bombay & Cedar sent an email to all their subscribers which gave them a list of all the handbag options and allowed us to pick our fave. Sadly my favorite was no longer available when I went to make my choice. It was this gorgeous boho style, over the shoulder grey tote with laser cut-outs.

Pocket Aroma Diffuser Kit by Spa Room ($20)

Add your own essential oils for an innovative diffusing process. Refill and reuse each Pocket Aroma up to 1,000 puffs for the most satisfying & effective approach to aromatherapy.

This is another favorite product in the September box. I was so excited to see is as this is something I will get a lot of use out of. I have a couple pocket diffusers and I use them all the time. I’m excited to be able to make my own. Now I’ll be able to have a few with me at all times.

Exfoliating Towel by Kol ($7)

This charcoal fibre towel gently scrubs away dead skin and unclogs pores in hard to reach areas. The charcoal fibre draws out impurities from the skin which helps fight acne, prevent breakouts and fight odor.

I love the idea of this charcoal towel, but I’m not totally sold on it just yet. But then again, isn’t that what subscription boxes are all about? Learning about new products and getting to test them out?

4-Step Facial x2 by IPO Cosmetics ($15)

This on-the-go Glam facial gives your skin a fresh smooth canvas, for makeup by polishing away dead skin and infusing it with beautifying ingredients for a radiant, dewy glow in minutes.

This is such a fun mask. At first I thought it was a regular ol’ sheet mask but it’s so much more than that. There’s 4 steps in total, and 4 different packages. The first is an exfoliator, the second is the sheet mask, the third is a hydration cream and the fourth is a replenishing eye cream.

Bombay & Cedar Review September 2019 – Final Thoughts

Bombay & Cedar always managed to impress me. As I go through the box each month I discover a number of products and brands that I never would have found on my own. I also really love the variety of items we receive – essential oils, aromatherapy products, beauty & skincare, books, snacks and more! No wonder I love my Bombay & Cedar boxes so much. They make an absolutely wonderful gift – for yourself or someone on your shopping list.


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