Book of the Month Review October 2016

Book of the Month Review October 2016

Book subscription boxes are amazing. I love reading, but don’t always have enough time to get to the book store, or jump on Amazon and research my next read. This is why I love Book of the Month. They do the research for me, I just get to sit back and wait for my book, or books, to arrive. It’s genius.

Book of the Month Details

If you aren’t familiar with Book of the Month it is  a monthly book subscription box. Every month they release 5 new books which have been selected by their panel of Judges. Books are announced on the first of the month, and members have six days to decide which book they would like to receive. Monthly subscriptions include one book, but members can purchase up to two additional books each month for $9.99 per title.


The Box: Book of the Month

Cost: $16.99 per month (only $11.99 per month on the 12-month plan)

What You Get: 1 new book every 30 days

Ships to: US

Shipping Cost: FREE

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This month I received 3 out of the 5 book selections. Normally you would receive one book per month, but you have the option to add on additional books for $9.99 each.

The Wangs Vs The World – Jade Chang

Jade Chang’s funny, effusive, heartfelt novel The Wangs vs. the World defies both traps. It’s not a story about Asians, but a story about Asian Americans: regular people claiming ownership of the Chinese roots that shaped their American identities.

Charles Wang is a Chinese person from Taiwan who moved to America with big dreams and little direction. His immodest spirit and a stroke of luck make him fabulously wealthy selling artificial pee to perfume manufacturers. He buys a mansion in Bel-Air and raises two daughters and a son, all uniquely American kids (think college parties, quality weed, BMW convertibles, designer handbags, art openings and artisanal cheeses). But no man’s spirit is strong enough to weather the force of an entire economy’s crash (think 2008) and Charles, out of nowhere, loses everything.

The Mothers – Brit Bennett

The Mothers is a story about black women’s sexuality and cultural judgment within a black church in California, in which female virgins are considered to be more prized and favored by God than those who are not. Men are exempt from this kind of communal judgment. Each line that Bennett produces cracks open with more intensity in order to ask over and over again: What if? The past and the present converge with each blossoming subplot until you begin to wonder what “mistakes” you’ve made in the past that changed your future, and whether or not you will have to grapple with them. The Mothers is a rollercoaster ride that picks up very quickly even while maintaining its complexity as it moves through the interwoven journeys of Brit Bennett’s unforgettable characters.

The Wonder – Emma Donaghue

Lib Wright is a Florence Nightingale-trained nurse arrived back from the blood-soaked fields of the Crimea when she is hired to oversee a private patient. The commission is vague but well paid and Lib does not hesitate before taking on the new job. I had the feeling there was more to Lib’s eagerness to travel away from London than just a paycheck—and I was right. When Lib arrives in the rural backwater, she finds a village in awe of a young girl —the wonder—who turns out to be Lib’s patient. Can the girl, who reportedly hasn’t required food for months, perform miracles?

Book of the Month Review October 2016 – Final Details

Book of the Month came out with some pretty great selections for October. I love that there is a mixture of stories/styles which means there’s something for every reading preference. I’m not sure which one I will read first, I’m kind of leaning towards The Wonder. I would have also loved the other 2 selections for the month – Good As Gone by Amy Gentry & The Fall Guy by James Lasdun. So many great choices, how can you pick just one.

What do you think of the October Book of the Month Selections?


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