Book of the Month Canada Review: June 2023

Book of the Month is a monthly book subscription box. Every month they release 5 new books which they have narrowed down from hundreds of new releases (so you don’t have to).

So…..I did a thing! I signed myself up for a Book of the Month Canada subscription! I couldn’t help myself. One of the June books popped up on my Instagram feed and I had to sign up immediately. I wish I could remember which influencer it was, but someone was showing their June books and talking about the fact that She Started It (the book you will see below) is the perfect “creepy summer read”. I was SOLD instantly.

Subscription Details

How Book of the Month works:

  • New selections are announced on the 1st of the month: The BOTM team selects 5 new books each month, one of which is included in your membership.
  • Choose your Book of the Month by the 6th: Visit the site to select your Book of the Month, or leave it up to them and they will choose one for you.
  • Read, react and discuss with other members: All books ship on the same day. Return to the site to share and discuss with other members.

Your Book of the Month is $24.17-$26.99 CAD depending on your membership plan. Once you are a member, any price changes will be communicated to you in advance via email. The cost of an add-on is $14.99 CAD. You can add up to two add-ons in each box after your first box. Once you ship your third box and become a Friend, you can add up to four additional add-ons in each box.

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Here’s a peek at my June 2023 Book of the Month Canada…

She Started It by Sian Gilbert

“The party of a lifetime is nothing like what they expected . . .

Annabel, Esther, Tanya, and Chloe are best friends—or were, as children. Despite drifting apart in adulthood, shared secrets have kept them bonded for better or worse, even as their childhood dreams haven’t quite turned out as they’d hoped. Then one day they receive a wholly unexpected—but not entirely unwelcome—invitation from another old friend. Poppy Greer has invited them all to her extravagant bachelorette party: a first-class plane ticket to three days of white sand, cocktails, and relaxation on a luxe private island in the Bahamas.

None of them has spoken to Poppy in years. But Poppy’s Instagram pics shows that the girl they used to consider the weakest link in their group has definitely made good—and made money. Curiosity gets the better of them. Besides, who can turn down a posh all-expenses-paid vacation on a Caribbean island?

The first-class flight and the island’s accommodations are just as opulent as expected . . . even if the scenic island proves more remote than they’d anticipated. Quite remote, in fact, with no cell service, and no other guests. The women quickly discover they’ve underestimated Poppy, and each other. As their darkest secrets are revealed, the tropical adventure morphs into a terrifying nightmare.”

Final Thoughts

I literally just received my June Book of the Month Canada yesterday so I haven’t started the book yet but oh my goodness….the reviews on BOTM are awesome!!!

Review #1: Bullying in high school and 10 years later a “hen party” on a private island. Twists and turns that unravel lots of secrets proving that no one’s life is perfect. Revenge 10 years later- a great read.

Review #2: Was this predictable af? Yes, yes it was! Were the characters toxic & terrible? 100 percent! BUT I couldn’t stop myself from turning the pages. It read like a deranged RH reunion and I’m here for it!

Review #3: This one is fast-paced! I didn’t want to put it down, but I also didn’t want to read it too quickly! I figured out the ending very early on, but it didn’t matter. I still wanted to keep reading.

This is exactly the kind of book I needed right now. I just finished reading a cute summery beach read and now I am craving something a little more intense, but still with a Summer vibe. This will be perfect!

QUESTION: Have you tried Book of the Month? And if not….where do you prefer to buy your books?

-AYOB Sarah

8 comments on “Book of the Month Canada Review: June 2023

  1. Danika says:

    I need to try this subscription!!

  2. Crystal says:

    Oh cool! I like that you can choose yourself or be surprised – what a great way to build reading into your summer

  3. Gemma says:

    I am wanting to get back into reading more and this sounds like just the thing! I like that there is the choice to select your book or leave it to them for a surprise.

    1. AYOB Sarah says:

      It’s definitely one of my favourite subscriptions and totally helped me get back in to reading.

  4. Katy Smith says:

    Goes to show you always be kind to each other. Definitely a book I’ll love to dive into!!

    1. AYOB Sarah says:

      Exactly….It is totally taking me back to high school.

  5. Savannah Lansdowne says:

    The 2nd review you posted from BOTM really is making me want to pick up this book!! Lol I love that they pick out top suggestions and you can go from there so you aren’t overwhelmed with 1000s and 1000s of titles.

    1. AYOB Sarah says:

      I agree! I get overwhelmed at book stores so this is the perfect option for me:)

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