Book of the Month Review August 2018

Book of the Month is a monthly book subscription box. Every month they release 5 new books which they have narrowed down from hundreds of new releases (so you don’t have to). Books are announced on the first of the month, and members have six days to decide which book they would like to receive. Monthly subscriptions include one book, but members can purchase up to two additional books each month for $9.99 per title. They kindly sent us this box for review.

Book of the Month is my go-to subscription for books. I’ve tried a few others, but as of right now this is my favorite. Lasts month’s book selections were AH-MAZING!! I read my first selection – The Last Time I Lied by Riley Sager – in record time and I am almost finished my second selection – Spinning Silver by Naomi Novik. I HIGHLY recommend both.

Subscription Details

How it works:

1. New selections are announced on the 1st of the month: The Judges select 5 new books each month, one of which is included in your membership.

2. Choose your Book of the Month by the 6th: Visit the site to select your Book of the Month, or leave it up to them and they will choose one for you.

3. Read, react and discuss with other members: All books ship on the same day. Return to the site to share and discuss with other members.

Here’s a look at my August selection….

Sweet Little Lies by Caz Frear

Twenty-six-year-old Cat Kinsella overcame a troubled childhood to become a Detective Constable with the Metropolitan Police Force, but she’s never been able to banish her ghosts. When she’s called to the scene of a murder in Islington, not far from the pub her estranged father still runs, she discovers that Alice Lapaine, a young housewife who didn’t get out much, has been found strangled.

Cat and her team immediately suspect Alice’s husband, until she receives a mysterious phone call that links the victim to Maryanne Doyle, a teenage girl who went missing in Ireland 18 years earlier. The call raises uneasy memories for Cat—her family met Maryanne while on holiday, right before she vanished. Though she was only a child, Cat knew that her charming but dissolute father wasn’t telling the truth when he denied knowing anything about Maryanne or her disappearance. Did her father do something to the teenage girl all those years ago? Could he have harmed Alice now? And how can you trust a liar even if he might be telling the truth?

Determined to close the two cases, Cat rushes headlong into the investigation, crossing ethical lines and trampling professional codes. But in looking into the past, she might not like what she finds …

Book of the Month Review August 2018 – Final Thoughts

To be totally honest, I’m not loving the August Book of the Month selections as much as the July selections but one of the five piqued my interest. I credit Book of the Month for my new obsession with mysteries. My favourite book from the July selections was a mystery and it prompted me to go  back through some of the past selections and read a couple mysteries I passed up the first time around. When I saw another mystery in the selections this month I knew it was the book I had to read first. Sweet Little Lies receives some really great reviews on Goodreads and it sounds like it will be a quick read that will keep my attention.

Question: What Book did you choose this month?


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