Book of the Month Review September 2018

Book of the Month is a monthly book subscription box. Every month they release 5 new books which they have narrowed down from hundreds of new releases (so you don’t have to). Books are announced on the first of the month, and members have six days to decide which book they would like to receive. Monthly subscriptions include one book, but members can purchase up to two additional books each month for $9.99 per title. They kindly sent us this box for review.

I can’t even put in to words how excited I am right now. Not only is it my favourite time of year (back to school and the start of Fall) but it’s also time for my September Book of the Month review. Fall and books go together like peanut butter and jam. I get so darn excited at the thought of cozy Fall mornings spent curled up with a good book. It’s for this reason that a book subscription is absolutely essential this time of year. And……as far as book subscriptions go, Book of the Month is at the top of my list.

Subscription Details

How it works:

1. New selections are announced on the 1st of the month: The Judges select 5 new books each month, one of which is included in your membership.

2. Choose your Book of the Month by the 6th: Visit the site to select your Book of the Month, or leave it up to them and they will choose one for you.

3. Read, react and discuss with other members: All books ship on the same day. Return to the site to share and discuss with other members.

Here’s a look at my September selection….

Cross Her Heart by Sarah Pinborough

Lisa lives for her daughter Ava, her job, and her best friend Marilyn, but when a handsome client shows an interest in her, Lisa starts daydreaming about sharing her life with him too. Maybe she’s ready now. Maybe she can trust again. Maybe it’s time to let her terrifying secret past go. Then her daughter rescues a boy from drowning and their pictures are all over the news for everyone to see. Lisa’s world explodes, and she finds everything she has built threatened. Not knowing whom she can trust, it’s up to her to face her past to save what she holds dear.

Book of the Month Review September 2018 – Final Thoughts

Book of the Month released some really great selections for the month of September but there was one in particular that stood out to me – Cross Her heart. If you have been following my BOTM reviews the last few months you will know that I am on a bit of a thriller kick. I never thought I would like reading thrillers but I have been loving them. That is the main reason I was drawn to my September selection but I was also excited to find out that it is by the same author who wrote “Behind Her Eyes” which was one of the BOTM selections from February 2017. Behind Her Eyes was a really good read, it kept me wanting more, so I figured Cross Her heart would be the same. I’m only a few chapters in and it’s a little on the slow side, but at the same time I don’t want to put it down because I just know there’s going to be some sort of crazy twist. Stay tuned as we will be reviewing the rest of the September selections in the next few days……..


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