BookCase Club Review January 2017

BookCase Club is a book subscription box. You receive Mystery Boxes filled with great books! Handpicked by their expert curators. Delivered to your door every month. Starting at $9.99. For every new subscription, they donate a book to Books for Keeps. Read books. Do good.  They kindly sent me this box for review.

Subscription Details

It has been a few months since my last BookCase Club review so let’s just quickly go over the subscription details. When you sign up for a subscription you get to choose from 8 different book categories:

  • Thrill Seeker, Strange Worlds, Teenage Dreams, Read to Me, Blind Date, Booking for Love, Quarterly Cookbooks, Quarterly Military History

Once you choose your theme you can then choose the length of your subscription – monthly, 3 month, 6 month or 12 month.

I receive the Teenage Dreams Case which is Two handpicked Young Adult novels delivered to your door every month.

North of Beautiful by Justina Chen

She’s tall, blond, and has an enviable body. But with one turn of her cheek, all people notice is her unmistakably “flawed” face. Terra secretly plans to leave her stifling small town in the Northwest and escape to an East Coast college, but gets pushed off-course by her controlling father. When an unexpected collision puts Terra directly in Jacob’s path, the handsome but quirky Goth boy immediately challenges her assumptions about herself and her life, and she is forced in yet another direction. With her carefully laid plans disrupted, will Terra be able to find her true path?

I looked this book up on GoodReads and it receives some really great reviews. It has 31,000 ratings and received an average of 3.9 stars out of 5. Stories like this intrigue me. We all have flaws we wish we could change, therefore making it a book we can ALL relate to. This is what I look for in my YA books. I will definitely be reading this one.

First There Was Forever by Juliana Romano

Lima and Hailey have always been best friends: Lima shy and sensitive, Hailey funny and free-spirited. But Hailey abandons Lima to party with the popular kids and pursue Nate, her disinterested crush. As their friendship falters, Lima and Nate begin spending more time together. And before Lima knows what she’s feeling, she and Nate do something irreversible. Something that would hurt Hailey….if she knew it happened.

Lima thinks she’s saving her friendship by lying, but she’s only buying time. As the secrets stack up, Lima is forced to make a choice: between her best friend forever, and the boy who wasn’t meant to be hers.

Ohhhh….I love the sound of this book! Best friends and the boy that comes between them. I feel like this will be a fun, yet interesting read. Again I looked this up on GoodReads and reviewers describe it as an easy Summer read. This is exactly what I need, and what I prefer.

BookCase Club Review January 2017 – Final Thoughts

Yay! I love, love, love my selections this month. Again, I will mentioned that I receive the Teenage Dreams Case which is two handpicked Young Adult novels. Out of the 8 categories this is the one that appeals to me most. I am looking forward to reading both of the books in my January box. I am way more excited about these ones than the two I received in my October box. They both seem like easy reads, which is what I prefer, and they both receive good reviews. I am a huge fan of BookCase club for two reasons – it is priced extremely well, and they have 8 different themes to choose from which makes this a great choice for any book lover. I would definitely recommend BookCase Club.





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