Boomerluxe Review February 2017

Boomerluxe is a phenomenal Beauty and Lifestyle box curated by women 50+, for Women 50+. Every month they bring you full size brand name and natural, artisan products on behalf of the Women Supporting Women project.

Boomerluxe has been on the market for over a year, but this is the first time we’ve had the pleasure of reviewing the lifestyle box. Boomerluxe is based in Canada, which makes us very happy, but they also ship to the US.

When you sign up for a subscription you can choose between the The Boomerluxe Mini and The Boomerluxe Deluxe. Today we are reviewing the Deluxe box which includes 5 fun, unique & useful full size items with your mid-life interests and preferences in mind.

Valentine’s Pink Wrap ($22)

First up we have a gorgeous pink wrap. I’m already a huge fan. They call it a wrap but I will probably end up wearing it as a scarf. It’s big enough to keep you warm in chilly situations – movie theatre, on the plane, etc. This was an absolutely wonderful item to include in the February box.

Grey Sparkling Beret ($12.99)

How cute is this beret! The sparkly detail makes it easy to dress up. I’ve never received a beret in any of my subscription boxes. I love that they included this. It’s always nice to receive an item you haven’t received before.

“Dream” by Jazz Chantruese Michelle Mele ($8.99)

Dream, (2014) is, by design, the most stylistically focused album yet from the musically mercurial and free-spirited Mele. ” Her effortlessly fluent, warm and relaxed vocal delivery is perfect for the genre (it has elicited comparisons to Astrud Gilberto), as are her poetic and personal lyrics. Michele’s closest friend once told her “you see everything through the filter of love,” and this perspective on life also helps make bossa a natural and organic fit for Mele.

“Tease” Herbal Tea Aphrodisiac by Radix ($8.99)

Meant to seduce and stimulate, Tease is a blend of Damiana, Hibiscus, Cinnamon, Cahmomile, and Got Kola.

LCW & Co Lavender & Vanilla Salt Scrub ($11)

Scrub is an absolutely wonderful item to include in any lifestyle subscription box. Especially one that smells so good. Lavender and Vanilla is one of my favourite scent combinations.

Lindor Swiss Chocolates (Bonus)

I love that they included a few little bonus chocolates this month. They were the first thing I saw when I opened the box, as you can see above. They really set the tone and gave the box a special feel. Cozy pink scarves and lovely chocolates are the perfect Valentine’s items.

Boomerluxe Review February 2017 – Final Thoughts

My first Boomerluxe was a pleasure to unbox. It’s classy and well thought out. I will be gifting this box to my Stepmom and I just know she is going to love it. The only problem being, I want to keep the scarf for myself. The ladies at Boomerluxe have done a wonderful job. You can tell that a lot of time and energy goes into this box. There’s passion behind it, which is something I’ve come to appreciate. This would be a wonderful gift for yourself, and a gorgeous gift for someone you love. I’m thinking Birthdays and Mother’s Day. Boomerluxe was a pleasant surprise.





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