Bowzer Box Review December 2016

Bowzer Box is the #1 Canadian Monthly Subscription Box for Dogs delivered to your door each month.  Proudly Canadian.  Bowzer Box provides a monthly subscription service to customers and will use various local and some international pet supplies companies to create our boxes.

I love Bowzer Box!  It’s no surprise they are the #1 pet box in Canada.  The items they provide are varied and quality.  I always know Bentley is getting well made treats and toys that can withstand a decent chew.  December’s box was a perfect combination of fun and practical.

How cute are these cookies?!  Every now and again I love giving Bentley a treat that doesn’t look like it’s right out of the butchers shop.  I know, he’s a dog, but how fun is it to set out a Christmas cookie for your dog along side Santa’s treats?  Bentley just loves them.

I remember receiving Fruitables in last year’s December box and they were a big hit!  Made essentially out of fruit I know Bentley is getting a good treat.  They are a great size for treat puzzle toys as well.

The burger sliders are new to me, but are already a top hit in this house!  100% all natural and easy to chew… so Bentley tells me.

If your dog loves toys as much as my dog you know you can’t get enough of a well made toy!  This candy cane chew is super durable!  The stitching and fabric are very tough.  When shopping for a toy in the store I always locate one that has the same build as this.  Bowzer Box, we LOVE your toy selection this month!

There is often a great wearable item in Bowzer Box.  I have quite a few handkerchiefs from them and they are all perfectly themed to to the up coming holiday!  One thing I have noticed with the handkerchiefs is they are often cut for larger dogs.  I’m so happy to say this one was dachshund size!

Alright, enough of this reviewing and modeling…  Cookie time.

Shonah and Bentley

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