Bowzer Box Review January 2016

Bowzer Box is definitely one of the better Pet Subscription Boxes on the market. They are based in Canada, which means the price is extremely reasonable – no exchange rate to worry about. I’ve also noticed a bit of a change in the items they include in their boxes. Over the last few months we have received at least one non-typical pet box item….or in other words, items other than treats and toys.

If you aren’t familiar with Bowzer Box it is a subscription service that delivers a box of doggy goodies every month. You sign up for a 1-, 3-, or 6-month subscription and will receive 5-6 items such as dog treats, toys, and accessories right at your door. Bowzer Box donates 10% of their profits to animals less fortunate & they try to choose products that are free from fillers and major allergens. This box was provided complimentary for review and may include affiliate links.

Bowzer Box January 2016 10 Bowzer Box January 2016 2

Box: Bowzer Box


  • 1 month – $29/month
  • 3 months – $26/month
  • 6 months- $23/month

What You Get: 5-6 items such as dog treats, toys, and accessories. May include full size toys and treats (wheat free), samples, and coupons from various brands.

Ships to: Canada

Shipping Date: Boxes shipped on the 15th of every month

Shipping Cost: $4.50

Coupon Code: use code “AYOB” to get 10% off – CLICK HERE

Bowzer Box January 2016 8

This month’s Bowzer Box is titled “Baby It’s Cold Outside” and is loaded full of great winter treats, and warm toys. Bowzer Box always has a bit of a theme going on and I always look forward to it. I’m really hoping for some sort of Valentine’s Day theme for the February box.

Bowzer Box January 2016 9

Ethical Pet Vermont Fleece Chew – This guy is supposed to be extra durable, but I have a feeling Jo (one of my doggy friends) will rip through this in less than a minute. I might have to give this one to a small doggy friend; one with less power behind their chew.

Bowzer Box January 2016 6

foufouBRANDS flu-stick Protect – This is the kind of product I like to see in my pet boxes, but you already know that. It’s a natural paw and nose balm for your pup. It protects against winter salt, hot pavement, and will moisturize cracked paws, toes and noses.

Bowzer Box January 2016 7

petprojekt Dogbon – Now this is what I am talking about. There’s no way (or at least I hope there isn’t) that Jo will be able to destroy this one. It’s made from 100% synthetic RUBR.

Bowzer Box January 2016 3

Feelgood Treats Brownies – Doggie Brownies! What!! These are awesome. Mind you, they aren’t the chocolate version that you and I would eat, but still….what a great idea.

Bowzer Box January 2016 11

Feelgood Treats Trail Blazin’ Bits – I’m not sure if we have received this brand before, it doesn’t look familiar. The first thing I always look at when it comes to dog treats are the ingredients, and these guys only contain chicken liver, oat flour, and olive oil – love it!

Bowzer Box January 2016 5

Thoughts: In terms of the product mixture, I think this might be one of my favourite Bowzer Boxes. I’m always on the hunt for super durable toys due to the fact that Jo rips through everything so quickly. She has a ton of energy and needs toys that will occupy her for more than 5 minutes. I’m very interested to see how long the blue bone lasts her. I also love the brownie treats, the vegan in me doesn’t love that they are made out of turkey liver, but you can’t win’em all. Another great box from Bowzer Box, but I’m not surprised.





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