BuddhiBox Review January 2017

BuddhiBox it is a monthly care package filled with full-size yoga products that will inspire your life, workouts and community. They kindly sent us this box for review.

BuddhiBox is a new favourite. I reviewed it for the first time last year, but didn’t fall in love with it until a few months ago. I love the idea behind this box. We receive products to compliment a yogi lifestyle, and even though I don’t practice on a regular basis, I practice the lifestyle daily. I get excited about boxes like this because they are a monthly reminder to stay healthy. I would gladly pay double the cost of this box for that kind of reminder. We only get one life and one body, so it’s important to live it the way we want to, and a healthy life is the life I want to live……in all aspects.

This month’s box came with the following quote:

“Live life as if everything is rigged in your favour” – Rumi

I needed this quote in my life. It’s actually pretty perfect, and instantly put a smile on my face. Now let’s have a look at the products we received this month:

May You Know Joy – Seeds of Intention Cards

Happy New Year Yogis. Now is the time to get inspired and plant the seeds to manifest your dreams. Seeds of Intention cards are designed to inspire you to set an intention each day – big or small. Some of the intentions are grounding, and some may test your limits. Intentions put your dreams and aspirations into motion creating a life of conscious awareness and purpose. Pick a card and open yourself up to endless possibilities.

I recently received these in another box, but I don’t mind receiving them again. Chances are most subscribers don’t subscribe to both boxes these were featured in so for most of you these will be a new item. I like the idea of these. You could keep them by your bed and pick a new one each day.

Urban Mysticism – Toxic Detox Aromatherapy Spray

It is the perfect time to re-energize our space with good vibes only. This toxic detox myst acts as a balancer to get us back on track. Blended with a combination of energy stones, flower essences and essential oils that help us become clear, calm and connected. Eliminate the toxins and raise the vibrations of everyday life with this refreshing spray.

I really love essential oil sprays. Come to think of it, I love anything containing essential oils. I will keep this on my desk and give myself a little spritz anytime I need to clear my mind.

Amazing Grass – Green Superfood Detox Sample

After the gluttony of the holidays, get your diet back on track. Alkalize & Detox Green Superfood contains over 12 cleansing ingredients to restore ph balance and rid your body of harmful toxins.

Even though this is a sample pack, I still love it. I’m always happy to try new products like this, especially when they contain superfoods.

BuddhiBox Nothing is Impossible Cuff

Start this year believing that Nothing is Impossible. Our metal bangle can be worn alone or with a stack of bracelets, and serves as your daily reminder that anything you put your mind to you can achieve, and you will.

I absolutely, 100%, love this! I’m a huge fan of jewelry with positive quotes. I also like the size of the bangle. It isn’t as thin as most of the bangles I receive. This is definitely the gold star item in the box this month.

Perspectives Yoga – Getting Fierce: Steps into a Positive Mindset eBook

Getting Fierce is a workbook written by yogi, motivational speaker, and all around badass Jemea Kingsby. If you desire a positive change in your life it is critical for you to break through the fear, so you can fulfill your deeper purpose. This 20-page workbook will ignite the internal fire and jump start you in the right direction.

This is a really great idea and some subscribers are going to absolutely love it. I’m just not a fan of downloads, coupon codes, etc. Even with the best intentions, I never end up using them.

Lively Matcha Green Tea Sample

For over 800 years, Zen Buddhist monks have been using matcha green tea as a meditation drink. Matcha provides the highest amount of antioxidants in any known super food, it calms and relaxes your mind, and improves your memory and concentration. Enjoy and drink slowly to savour each sip.

I had absolutely no idea that Matcha could calm and relax your mind. How did I not know this? I have a whole new appreciation for this green powder. I kind of want to go make a matcha latte right now.

HaraHealing Detox Body Scrub

Keep your skin soft and smooth with this exfoliating and moisturizing detox scrub. It’s made with Himalyan pink salt, sea salt, oatmeal, brown sugar, baking soda, arrowroot, sweet almond oil, essential oil and coconut oil. Smells divine and cleansing for the skin.

So, I have to be really honest with this one. I’m really not loving it. The label looks worn and old, and the scrub itself doesn’t smell very nice. I really hope I’m not being to hard on this particular product, but I just don’t see myself using it.

Smudge Stick – ?

This was listed on the product card but I didn’t receive one in my box. I would have LOVED to receive a smudge stick.

BuddhiBox Review January 2017

As much as I love BuddhiBox, I feel like this month’s box fell a little short. There are a couple of really great products (the bangle and the spray) and then there are a couple of not so great products. I’m just not feeling the scrub, and I’m sad that I didn’t receive the smudge stick. But even though I’m not loving this month’s box, I still love BuddhiBox in general. I have received some really great boxes from them over the last few months, and they have great customer service. My hope is that next month’s box is going to kick a**. I have faith in this subscription and am pretty confident they will come through for me next month.





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