BuddhiBox Review June 2016

BuddhiBox Review June 2016

BuddhiBox Review June 2016 – I LOVE fitness subscription boxes. It’s a pretty genius idea. A fun little monthly reminder to keep your health on track. Who wouldn’t want that? Ok, well maybe not everyone. But, I sure do. I find subscriptions like BuddhiBox very motivating. And let’s be honest, we all need a little motivation every now and then……….definitely every 30 days.

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BuddhiBox Details

If you aren’t familiar with BuddhiBox it is a monthly care package filled with full-size yoga products that will inspire your life, workouts and community.

The Box: BuddhiBox

Cost: $32.95 per month

What You Get: Each month you will receive items that enrich mind, body, and soul. Inclusive of healthy food, supplements, beauty products, and yoga accessories.

Ships to: US & Canada

Shipping Cost: $5 to US & $10.99 to CANADA

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Shipping Details

BuddhiBox arrives on your doorstep in a green and white logo’d box. Inside you will find a product card, a yoga pose of the month, a quote card and a recipe card. I’m not sure if the last 2 are regular items but it would be really cool if they were. As far as the shipping specifics, here is what it says on their website:

All Boxes are shipped 10th of each month. When the 10th falls on a weekend, we will ship the Monday after the 10th. Transit times depend of zip code. US transit days are generally 5-7 days. Canada shipping can take up to 12 days.

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BuddhiBox Yoga Hand Towel

Super soft and absorbent hand towel featuring the signature BuddhiBox om mandala and mantra. Perfect for wiping sweat during your yoga practice.

This is the third yoga towel I have received this month and I couldn’t be happier. The other two I received were full-size so I am happy to have the smaller version. These are SUPER handy to have at the gym, or when you are workout outside. I love them!

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TribeTats Yoga Collection

Have fun in the sun by adorning yourself with these temporary metallic tattoos featuring yoga-inspired designs. Includes mandalas, om symbols, chakras, lotus flowers, and more! One full sheet.

I’ve never really liked temporary tattoos, but when I see how cute they look on other girls it makes me want to try them out.

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RawRev Glo Bar

The Raw Rev Glo Dark Chocolate Espresso Crunch bar is peanut-free with rich dark chocolate chips and a satisfying whole-coffee-bean crunch! Includes organic and raw ingredients with omega-rich superfoods to keep you GLOing from the inside out. Each bar contains easily-digestible plant based proteins, amino acids, and trace minerals to keep your body lean and active. 

Some people find these too dense, but I love them! It has 10 grams of protein and only 5 grams of sugar (I always look for snacks with less than 10 grams of sugar). It’s made with plant-based proteins which is another thing I look for – pea, brown rice, and hemp.

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Loving Naturals Sunscreen – Clear Body

100% Natural/Organic Ingredients. With nourishing ingredients, our Leaping Bunny certified sunscreen will leave your skin feeling soft, smooth, and protected.

Now that we are in to July, I apply sunscreen almost every day. Therefore, I have been testing out a lot of different natural versions. I applied a little bit of this to the back of my hand. It wasn’t as white and filmy as some of the other brands, it absorbed nicely, but feels a little bit greasy. It doesn’t feel sticky though, and that is a bonus.

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Perfume Glow for a Cause (Dream)

A modern and urban feel to an exuberant bouquet of flowers with a warm woody base.  Soft and romantic with a chic edge. Our dazzling and concentrated solid perfumes are made with natural and organic oils and GLOW’s signature perfume blends.

You guys, I LOVE Glow for a Cause, and I LOVE their solid perfume. This will be my fourth scent from them. Here are the others I have:

  • Innocence – LOVE THIS ONE! I have been wearing it every day and it is amazing. It’s a mix of berries and flowers with a twist of almond.
  • Inspire – This is my second favorite. It’s not a sweet as Innocence, but it is still really nice. It is a blend of florals and a dash of sunny citrus.
  • Wander – This one is third on the list as it is a little too earthy/spicy for my liking. It is a blend of Bergamot and jasmine, spicy florals, sandalwood, incense and vanilla.
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Kinsman Kini Siren Head Bands

Siren headbands are for the sea, the wind, the sun, and the sand. For the wild child of beaches and boats worldwide who can’t get enough of life’s treasures, big or small. 

I can’t workout without some sort of headband. I can’t stand it when my hair gets in my eyes or blows around too much. I don’t have time to worry about that when my trainer is kicking my butt, or I am running the stairs. This one is perfect because it will go with everything. But, I did see that some subscribers received a floral print and it looks pretty darn cute.

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Wooden Bead Bracelet

This gorgeous little bracelet wasn’t listed on their product card so I’m thinking it is a bonus item. I have really been loving the beaded bracelets lately. Especially casual wooden styles like this as they can easily been worn with jeans and a tank, or your yoga pants.

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BuddhiBox Review June 2016 – Final Thoughts

This is hands down my favourite BuddhiBox thus far. I love the mixture of items and the fact that it has a bit of a summer theme going on. I will be putting the towel, protein bar, sunscreen, headband, and perfume in my gym bag. And the fact that I will be using all of the items makes me a very happy girl.





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