Bulu Box Review January 2018

Bulu Box is a healthy box of nutrition and weight loss discovery delivered each month to help with monthly motivation to create a healthy lifestyle. Each box contains 4-5 premium samples with snacks, supplements, vitamins and more. Each box typically will cost you $10 a month. Customers can also pay quarterly, semi-annually or annually to save money. This subscription box is great for someone looking to be more healthy, maintain a healthy lifestyle or someone right in between. Shipping is always free. They have two different monthly box subscriptions, the Original Bulu Box and The Weight Loss Box.

As a person that doesn’t like to take a break even when my body tells me I need one this was a perfect box for me to start with. Bulu Box came with all of the essentials to keep my mind, body and health in check.

The box comes in a vibrant orange color with sayings along the outside to already encourage a fun healthy lifestyle.


Yes, a box that gets me. I am constantly on the go and will often keep myself a little too caffeinated late into the day. I have found that a natural sleep aid is the key to a restful sleep, introducing Napz. Napz are incredible because they are non-habit forming, vegan and gluten free! The capsule is easy to swallow and I felt amazing after one night using them. Serving size is 2 capsules, so if you aren’t used to a sleep aid start out with one! Sweet dreams!

Wild Alaskan Fish Oil

As an athlete and health nut it is important for me to fuel my body with the best nutrients. I always struggle with the right type of fish oil, because of taste, the dosage or the pill size. Wiley’s finest is one pill that is easy to swallow and small in size. No fishy burps either!

Dukan Chocolate Chip Cookies

I was so excited when I opened up my box and saw these Dukan bars! They are so good, while making me also feel good. This wholesame treat  is made of simple ingredients to help you achieve a healthy weight! This is a snack I could deal with and put the cookies aside!


Most people don’t get excited about arthiritis and muscle relief gel at 29, but when you push your body to the limits like I do this is liquid gold. The day I got the box I had done a really tough work out and I had an achy back, put on some Synodrin and BAM I felt better in the morning.

Vital 4U Liquid Energy

I’m a coffee junky, there’s no hiding that and I know I need to cool it with the coffee intake. This was a perfect mid-morning pick me up. The taste was good (coffee) and kept me revived throughout the day without the initial crash!

Vanilla Bean Coconut Scrub

YES! This was my favorite item in my Bulu Box. Just because my body goes through harsh winters, and grueling workouts doesn’t mean it doesn’t like to be pampered. This made my skin super soft, and the smell was amazing. Perfect for my evening shower, or great to start your day with as well.


It’s always great to have a travel size fragrance for the days you can’t make it home before date night, or even when you know you are heading to the gym and you had a long day. The lavender chamomile scent is very calming, a great addition to your purse, handbag or gym bag to spruce up your scent.

Zicam Cold Remedy Rapid Melts

A melting medication, that doesn’t taste horrible! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Cold season is upon us and I know personally I was hit twice. Having something simple like these rapid melts or fruit drops would have made the cold much more bearable. They taste great too!


Now we have the all-in-one box. From beginning to end Bulu Box is taking care of my health and the cherry on top is the osmosis stem factor serum. This serum makes your skin feel smooth like a baby and helps build back that elasticity that was lost, I mean come on ladies who doesn’t want to look younger.

January 2018 Bulu Box Review – Final Thoughts

Overall the January Bulu Box was incredible. All of the samples came in great sizes and gave me a good taste for all of the products. There was also a coupon for HelloFresh to help me stay on track. For all of you people trying to keep up with your New Year’s resolution or help someone out with theirs this is a wonderful subscription box and very cost-effective.






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