California Found Review July 2019

California Found is a monthly collection of expertly curated, beautifully crafted small-batch and handmade goods from California’s most talented artisans

Inside you can find handmade items from lifestyle, makeup, decor, edible treats and more. July brought the sunshine to my door with gorgeous, practical and usable items from amazing artisans in my state.

The cost of the box is $49 per month with a retail value of more than $90 and shipping is $7.95 in the US.

They kindly sent us this box for review and I am so excited to share the contents with you all.

We always get a set of card stock product cards for each item/artisan that tells us about the maker, the item featured, their retail value and a glimpse of how the artisan started or their inspiration behind it.

This month, in addition to the cards, we also received two recipes to make with one of the items included. Wait until you see.

Simply Straws – Glass Straw & Mason Jar Lid

Simply Straws is a reusable straw company determined to change the world. To help us save waste in straws or disposable cups, they sent us a lid and a glass straw to attach to any mason jar we have laying around. This set retails for $20.

Necklace by Jasmine Jewelry

If you follow them on Instagram or Facebook you may have seen these sneak peeks. I thought it was a bracelet so I was pleasantly surprised when I saw that the jewelry item this month was not only wrapped beautifully but it was a necklace!

Made with sterling and brass, this necklace is called Free Spirit and it was handcrafted, designed and created by Jasmine Lee. It retails for $48 which already covers the price of the whole box! This makes a great gift for someone….. or you know, you can always keep it and treat yo’ self.

Luna Tea Company- Loose Leaf Tea and Crystal Infuser

For our edible treat this month we received a huge bag of delicious lose leaf tea called Calm the Viking. It has chamomile, ginger and raspberry leaf and it retails for $15. But that’s not all, Luna Tea Co. also included a gorgeous crystal infuser. This infuser has a purple crystal hanging from one of the ends that will be left out of the cup. I think I got amethyst. I’ve seen other subscribers get a pink one that might be rose quartz. Stunning. Retails for $13.

We also received two recipes to make with the herbal tea blend that I cannot wait to try.

Hello Sunshine Mason Jar from California Found

Beth from California Found herself treated us all with a mason jar that says Hello Sunshine and it’s perfect to use with the Simply Straw set! Love it and I use it every day for my iced coffee, tea, or flavored water.

I woke Up Like This Hair Serum by Belle and Beast Organics

The maker behind this serum, Christy, started only at age 15 when she had a bad reaction to a lip balm. She took it upon herself to make products that do good to your hair and skin with a hint of sass and that are affordable. “I woke up like this” is a hydrating hair serum rich in antioxidants and it retails for $15. It also looks gorgeous, just like you.

California Found Review July 2019 – Final Thoughts

When I say you will wear or use the goodies that come in California Found each month, I mean it. Whether it is something to eat or drink, to wear and feel amazing, or gift to someone and make their day, California Found is worth every penny and much more. I almost forgot to say, each month they donate 10% of the profits to a worthy cause that works to better this world. Nothing better than a subscription box that brings a smile to your face and also gives back.


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