California Found Review June 2019

California Found is a monthly subscription box that brings you gorgeous and useful products expertly curated from California’s most talented artisans.

I am from Buenos Aires, Argentina but have been living in the sunny state of California for 12 years, so it’s like my second home state, therefore, I was so excited when I was told I could receive this box for review! I had been following it for some time and it was on my wish list.

June not only welcomed a new season, but with it a new California Found box design, keeping the sunshine and nature vibe. Inside it’s packaged beautifully, with craft paper squiggles and a flower sticker on the tissue paper. On top we receive a pack of postcards, one for each product and artisan, giving us a lot of information about them, which is awesome!

Each California Found box comes with items handcrafted by Californian artisans and they can be anything from makeup, self-care, home decor, food items and everything in between.

The monthly subscription starts at $49 per month and shipping is $7.95 to the US.

Every month they set aside 10% of their profits to help organizations doing incredible work in the community. For June, California Found will donate to the Surfrider Foundation in their work to protect and preserve our ocean, beaches and waves! Isn’t that amazing?

Now let’s dig into the box!

Cosmetic Bag by Urbana Sacs – $36.00

As soon as I open the box I could see this beautiful black pouch. This is made by Urbana Sacs, a new collection of sustainable home and lifestyle accents thoughtfully designed and consciously fashioned for whatever you throw at it, or in it.

This bag came in 4 different colors, and I got the black one which I love. What’s amazing about this bag is that it is made out of a leather-like paper fabric. Urbana Sacs washable paper is a sustainable lightweight textile made with a variety of virgin pulp fiber blends and recycled felt. It’s manufactured trough cultivation and not deforestation, meaning that it doesn’t require to take down trees but the opposite! It washes like any other fabric and can be used over and over again. It also stands on its own and has a cute tassel at the end of the zipper.

Ocean Jasper Beaded Silver Bracelet – $37.00

Michelle Sanders is the artist and owner of MB Bead and Stitch, a jewelry design and retail company based in San Diego, CA. Michelle works with organic textures and natural gemstones, often re-purposing vintage jewelry finds into infinitely wearable new jewelry pieces. This Ocean Jasper Beaded Silver Bracelet, like many other of her pieces was inspired by the natural beauty of Southern California, which makes each piece so special.

3 pouches of Soft Baked Granola Bites by Vive – $2.99 each

Vive is a French exclamation that means “long live” and this is a mother and daughter team that realized how impossible it was to find a snack that didn’t compromise either flavor or nutrition. So they made their own and they taste so good! We received three flavors, cake batter, chocolate chip and mocha hazelnut torte. I tried them all and my favorite is the chocolate chip, no surprise there. They’re soft, yummy and nutritious! They are non-GMO, no gluten, no animal products, and vegan. Only the chocolate chip one had a little refined sugar, but the other two had no refined sugar! Also made with 10 ingredients or less.

Zen Garden Candle by Urban Re-Leaf – $22.00

Next up we received this candle in an amber jar, and it smells amazing. It came packed in bubble wrap to be protected. Zen Garden fragrances has Notes of bergamot, bamboo, ylang ylang, and green leaves. Bergamot is one of the key scents to make any fragrance my favorite! I loved the scent of this candle! Denise Smith is the founder of Urban Re-Leaf a Los Angeles based candle making company that uses cannabis oil infused coconut wax. This candle not only smells amazing, but the jar also makes a nice piece of home decor.

Organic Botanical Hydrating Spritz by On Board Organic Skincare- $14.99

This is such a great item for this season to have in the car, beach bag or purse to use on-the-go. It’s so important during these hot and humid days to refresh and hydrate your skin. On Board Organic Skincare was founded and developed to allow you to maintain a healthy lifestyle, even when you’re on the go, that’s why their products come in travel size! They’re also made with 10 ingredients or less, less ingredients means less opportunity for reaction. This spritz contains organic coconut oil, organic aloe vera, organics jojoba oil and botanical fragrances, and it smells divine.

California Found Review June 2019 – Final Thoughts

From tasty and nutritious snacks to skin care, jewelry and more, California Found brought us innovative, useful and stunning elements to add to our every day life and home. I love knowing that the products I use are wholesome, recycled and that they did some good, like the make up bag made out of washable paper, or the bracelet made out of recycled jewelry. What’s not to love?


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