California Found Review September 2018

I love getting California Found every month! I love the vibrant colors and the thought that goes into every detail of the boxes every month! I also adore the fact that every month they set aside 10% of their profits to help different organizations in their community. This month they are supporting The Lonely Whale Foundation!

You ever have those items that you want to buy for yourself? But the little nagging person at the back of your brain says that you shouldn’t? This box has all of the things that you could possibly want and it’s at at amazing price of $49!

Let’s dive in!

“I Need Vitamin Sea” by Erin Witters’ ($18.00)

If you guys know me, I have a huge weakness for puns, I love naturally dark wood, and I love supporting small businesses. This is from a small creator named Erin Witters. She wanted to take her love for the sea and turn it into art with her business The Salty life Co. She hand paints all of the items in her shop and even hand draws her mandalas! How awesome is that?! I love this beautiful wall hanging!

Facekins Sample Pack by Facekins ($12.50)

I don’t know about you, but when Autumn hits my face starts to turn extremely dry. I have to use my face wash more often and start to use moisturizer every morning. I run through a lot of face pads with my make up remover and all of my products. Connie Simon decided that she was going to stop throwing away all of those face pads and start to make her own reusable ones! They are washable, stain resistant, and are super soft!

Underarm Clay Mask & Natural Deodorant by Crunch Beauty ($15.00 each)

Something that I have always tried to be more aware about is what I am putting in and on my body. There are so many chemicals that companies use because they are cheap but that are harmful to our bodies. I love that California Found has been putting more health and beauty conscious products in their boxes like with Miriam Mabrey’s truly natural skin care products. I love using them!

Lynzie Necklace with Black Spinel by K. Leone Designs ($40.00)

I’m not going to lie, I squealed when I saw this beautiful dainty necklace! I love how easily it matches with all of my outfits and how stunningly simple it is. I have worn this many times with dresses and with a casual work day. It is perfect for any outfit or occasion.

2 oz. Shrub Syrup by Burly Beverages ($5.95)

Shrub Syrup is an added syrup that you can put into your beverages to give you a little more pizazz. Gabriel believes in all natural products and stands by his syrups. If you like mixing your own cocktails you should check his company the Burly Beverages out.

The California Found box is the perfect escape to the ocean and relaxation, to perpetual summer! I loved getting this box and can’t wait to see what next month has in store!

  • Monthly Subscription -$49.00
  • Free shipping
  • Ships between the 28th and 30th of each month
  • Renews monthly, cancel anytime

Thank you to California Found for sending me this amazing box! You should all check this monthly box out! It is fantastic!

Until next time…


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