Canuck Crate Review October 2021

Canuck Crate is a subscription box for people who are interested in discovering Canadian food, drinks and snacks. Each month, Canuck Crate carefully curates a collection of food, drinks and snacks to help you explore new Canadian products from coast to coast without the hassle of the grocery store. Some of those items will be cookies, brittle, chia seed pudding, chocolate, chips, baking mixes, squares, bars and protein bites, jams and spreads, roasted nuts, freezies, teas, latte mixes, and a whole lot more! Every product in their subscription boxes is made in Canada by a fellow Canuck!

For those interested in Canuck Crate items outside of a subscription, Canuck Crate also has an online store chock-full of 100% Canadian-made products to choose from to create your own crate. They also offer other theme-inspired curated crates!

I was so excited to receive this Canuck Crate box as I am all about supporting local, 100% Canadian-owned and operated businesses! And, who doesn’t love to discover new food, snacks and drinks to enjoy? Also, a little birdie told me it was pumpkin spice inspired…

I cannot wait to dig in. Let’s take a look inside…

My Canuck Crate box showed up quickly after it was shipped and it was packed inside this Canadian-plaid themed box with the items carefully packaged inside.

The info sheet provides information regarding the products found in your crate! Details like origin, ingredients and some information about the company are listed for each product. Canuck Crate also tells subscribers why they love them!

Jewels Under The Kilt Pumpkin Pie Pecan – Fergus, Ontario

“When they began their rural lifestyle in Ontario, they only wanted to plant 5 nut trees – 100 nut trees later, a snack their friends and family love, and a patent-pending nut roasting process (involving maple syrup) Jewels Under the Kilt was born.

Why we love them: Nuts are a nutritious and satisfying snack that we love. They have so many unique flavours that are so, so good!”

My friends, who knew a nutritious snack like nuts could taste so good?! This bag of jewels did not last long. I took the review photo and gobbled them up before my partner could have any… oops! Seriously, delicious!

Eve’s Crackers Chili Pepper Pumpkin Seed Crackers – Nanaimo, British Columbia

“Starting as a mission to heal her skin from eczema, Eve wanted to create healthy snacks that she could indulge in and feel satisfied after eating. Born in 2016, Eve’s Crackers are certified gluten-free, keto-friendly and made from flaxseed sourced from the Prairies.

Why we love them: We are both into health & fitness, and we love a good cracker. Not only are Eve’s crackers tasty, but they also make us feel good from the inside out!”

If you know me, you know that I love a good cracker and cheese combo. These crackers are amazing: tasty, satisfyingly crunchy and better for you than other crackers. I enjoyed these paired with a nice aged cheddar.

Tu-Bees Pumpkin Spice Honey – Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

“As a little girl, founder Nicole Hein spent time thinking up ways to make enough money to be able to buy a horse. After finding her Mom fighting with a honey container, she asked the question that changed honey: “how come no one has put honey in a squeezable tube like toothpaste?”

Why we love them: We all know how it is to fight with a sticky container or jar of honey that a child came up with an idea that solves such a common kitchen problem.”

Honey in a tube is GENIUS! I was so impressed by the ease of this perfect Canadian invention, as well as the fact that it is pumpkin spice flavoured and so darn delicious! I have been using it in my tea, coffee (don’t knock it until you try it) and on toast! All I can say is YUM! They have a bunch of other flavours listed on their site that I want to try!

Voortman’s Pumpkin Spice Wafers – Burlington, Ontario

“Two Dutch brothers had a dream to create delicious baking in 1951 when they opened their first bakery. Since then, they have expanded to retailers across the country. Their products use high-quality ingredients (like whole grain oats, almonds and coconut.) There are also no artificial flavours, colours, high-fructose corn syrup or trans-fat!

Why we love them: They are the nostalgic flavours of our childhood; they have the old classics as well as new products!”

So these were so delicious and did you know that some Voortman’s products are accidentally vegan? Wafers like this take me back to my childhood. These were made with real pumpkin and they were extremely enjoyable. Unfortunately, my dog helped himself to these so I had to find a replacement for the review photo (he obviously enjoyed them too!)

GORP Ginger Snap & Apple Energy Bar – Niverville, Manitoba

“GORP is an acronym – Good Ol’ Raisins and Peanuts, that is well known in the world of backpackers. Colleen, GORP’s founder, is a self-proclaimed “wanna-be triathlete mom” who wanted to provide people with intestinal-friendly food that is ready to go!

Why we love them: These bars are DELICIOUS. We are always on the go, and a grab-and-go snack like this helps keep us fueled and our taste buds satisfied.”

I absolutely loved this energy bar which was surprising to me as I am not always a fan of raisins. But to be honest, it was incredibly delicious, had a nice texture and powered me through my afternoon craziness at school.

Prana Organics Maple Spice Granola – Saint Laurent, Quebec

“After meeting in India, falling in love and starting up a seasonal vegan restaurant in Goa, Alon and Marie-Josée returned to Québec and started roasting nuts in Marie-Josée’s Mom’s kitchen. They have since grown into Canada’s #1 organic snack brand.

Why we love them: This power couple is committed to addressing social and environmental issues, all while giving us healthy options to fuel our bodies with.”

My partner loves granola and we are already huge fans of the Prana Organics brand. This maple spice granola was to die for! It was the perfect accompaniment to yogurt and fresh fruit. You have to try it for yourself. I also really love Prana Organics’ commitment to addressing social and environmental issues!

Second Spring Sprouted Pumpkin Muffin Mix – Seaforth, Ontario

“Second Spring creates wholesome sprouted foods that take tradition back. Using the long-known benefits of fermentation and sprouting, their products lock in nutrients while maximizing taste & texture.

Why we love them: We love the use of old traditions to bring the most nutritious and digestible products to the market.“

I was finally able to bake these easy-to-make muffins this week and let me tell you, they were deadly delicious! My partner and son both gobbled them up and I appreciated how quick it was to make these from start to finish. 10/10 would recommend!

Chiamigos Spiced Maple Walnut Chia Pudding Mix – Bolton, Ontario

“A wholesome breakfast option that was first created as their own dependable camping meal. The Amigos are 3 siblings – a teacher, an engineer and a triathlete.

Why we love them: We love a good breakfast that you can add fruit to, and one that is healthy, filling and delicious (bonus)!”

I was super hesitant to try this product as I am incredibly picky about textures. To my delight (and surprise) I really enjoyed this chia seed pudding and the flavour was to die for. Highly recommend!

Patience Fruit & Co. Organic Dark Chocolate & Chai Spices Chococrunch Bites – Notre-Dame-De-Lourdes, Quebec

“Patience Fruit & Co. were one of the firsts to pave the way for organic farming. Believing that the best product is not rushed, they use a drying process that occurs over a long period of time, making sure their cranberries’ flavour and nutrition are locked in.

Why we love them: We appreciate companies who pave the way for new, sustainable practices. Not to mention the cranberries are delicious to boot!”

These are so good. Nice chocolate and chai flavours with a satisfying crunch. These are a perfect little snack!

The Fall 2021 Canuck Crate contained 9 delicious products from Canadian companies. This box provides a nice collection of snack and food items that fit the “Pumpkin Spice and Everything Nice” theme perfectly! I appreciate that a Canuck Crate subscription takes the indecisive guessing game out of grocery shopping for you. Canuck Crate would also be perfect for someone who is vegan to jazz up their snack options. I appreciate that they are reasonably priced, have fantastic customer service and only $10 shipping to Canada and the US. If you were to buy these items yourself, you would need to go on a hunt at specialty stores. My partner is going to gift a subscription box to his parents after seeing how easy it was for us to have delicious and unique Canadian snacks handpicked for us. Happy snacking!

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