Care/of Review June 2020

Care/of provides a monthly subscription of personalized vitamins. Each month customers receive some of the best health and wellness products right to their door, including the signature box of 30 daily vitamin packs along with a new line of powder products chosen just for you.

I discovered Care/of when I was pregnant and as soon as I found out that they expanded their shipping to Canada I immediately signed up. I’ve never been good with taking my vitamins….mostly due to laziness. I hated the idea of opening up 6-7 different vitamin bottles each day (sometimes twice a day) and I was always forgetting to purchase the ones I would run out of. It was a pain in the butt because I would run out of one bottle before another and so on and so on. Basically it was just a huge inconvenience which is why I found Care/of so appealing.

Subscription Details

When you sign up for a Care/of subscription you will start by taking their quiz. You will answer questions about your needs, lifestyle, concerns, etc. After completing the quiz, Care/of will provide you with recommendations in regards to vitamins, powders and quick sticks.

Each Care/of box comes with 30 packs, meant to be taken once a day. Powders come with the amount specified online and are meant to be taken as needed depending on your lifestyle. Once you’re near the end of a month of vitamins or powders, they’ll be preparing a new box to arrive before your month ends.

Here’s a closer look at my personalized Care/of vitamin pack for June…..


The Care/of packing is genius. Your vitamin box is shipping inside an outer mailing box. The packaging is minimal, with the vitamin box fitting perfectly inside the mailing box.

The vitamin box itself appears to have a different design each month and it sits upright (dispenser style) allowing you to easily grab your vitamin packs from the bottom.

Product Guide

The product guide is very useful. It lists all the vitamins in your pack and what each one is for – ex. heart health, immune system, pregnancy, etc. There is a detailed breakdown of each vitamin in the back of the guide.


Here’s a list of the Care/of vitamins I added to my box for the month of June….

Veggie OmegaOur Veggie Omega is an omega-3 supplement sustainably sourced from a type of microalgae, schizochytrium sp. and is loaded with EPA and DHA. It’s a great way for vegans and vegetarians to get their omega-3s, which support heart health.

B-ComplexOur B Complex contains all 8 B vitamins, fermented for gentle absorption, so it’s easy to digest and can be taken on an empty stomach. It also includes methylfolate, a superior form of folate, and methylcobalamin, a superior form of Vitamin B-12.

Vitamin COur Vitamin C is fermented with organic yeast and foods, making it resemble Vitamin C in its food-based form. It is easy to digest and can be taken on an empty stomach.

PrenatalOur Prenatal multivitamin is a twice a day formulation, fermented to make it easy to digest. As a result, it’s less likely to make you feel nauseous, as some vitamins do. It contains 22 nutrients crucial for a developing baby’s health, including a superior form of folic acid called methylfolate and choline, which has been studied for its health benefits.

Probiotic BlendManufactured in the United States, our probiotic blend is composed of L. acidophilus and B. lactis, two strains of ‘good’ bacteria with a growing volume of research around gut health.

IronIron is an essential mineral for red blood cell production. It impacts energy levels and cognition by transporting oxygen throughout the body.* Our iron is fermented and includes vitamin C for increased absorption, and is manufactured in the United States.

Vitamin Packs

Not only are the vitamin packs convenient but they are also useful. Each one has a quote, fact, info, etc…. The packs are also environmentally friendly which is an added bonus. They are made from plant-based film and designed to break down over time.

Care/of Review June 2020 – Final Thoughts

My Care/of monthly deliveries have been much appreciated over the last few months. They make taking my vitamins easy and convenient. I rarely forget to take them anymore. They also save me a trip (or two or three) to the store and they also save me money. I receive the perfect amount (a 30 day supply) each month and a new box arrives right as my previous box is about to run out. I find the price point very reasonable and the selection is great. I am able to get all the vitamins I need, including my prenatals. Care/of has become one of my “must-have” subscriptions and I don’t see that changing anytime soon.

-AYOB Sarah


Care/of is premium vitamins, personalized for you, at a not-so-premium price. We're a different kind of vitamins brand built on honesty & science.

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