Caring Crate Review January 2017

Caring Crate is a unique, monthly subscription box service for those dealing with mental health issues, chronic illnesses – or anyone who needs a little extra self-care. From mood enhancing aromatherapy and teas, to personal journals and healthy snacks, Caring Crate is the perfect solution to indulging in a little self-care, or gifting a thoughtfully curated box to friends, family & loved ones. They kindly sent me this box for review.

I think Caring Crate is one of my favourite subscription box discoveries for 2016. I didn’t expect to like this subscription as much as I do. I think that’s why it is so exciting. It’s the unexpected, but in a good way. It’s a really fun little self-care subscription. They always seem to find some really amazing products to include in the box.

January Theme

The theme for the January Caring Crate box is New Year, New Intentions. I always feel so calm and relaxed when I unbox my Caring Crate. I think it’s because I know that the items tucked inside will nudge me towards a more peaceful life, and encourage me to slow down and take time for myself.

May You Know Joy Seeds of Intention Cards

This deck of cards will inspire you to set a new intention each day – some are grounding, while others will challenge you. Choose one each day and set it in a place you can see it to help develop awareness and purpose as you move towards your dreams and aspirations. 

I love intention cards. I am very familiar with these but until now haven’t had a deck of my own. I think this would be an amazing way to start your day. You could keep this deck in your bedside table and choose a new card each morning before you get out of bed.

Streetlights at Midnight Print

Display this beautiful print, made by a chronic illness warrior, to inspire you throughout the year. 

I really, really love prints. And I love receiving them in my subscription boxes. I haven’t received one for quite a while, so it was definitely time. I use these in my office. I have a few really pretty frames and I switch out the prints every couple of months.

Mini Wooden Easel

This easel is perfect for displaying your print, or use it to hold your intention card each day. 

This is a wonderful idea! You can use this item with both of the products above, or you can use it on its own. I love items like this. I love it when things go together. It makes my little heart happy.


Use these temporary tattoos to keep your affirmation close to encourage you throughout the day. 

I love the idea of these affirmation tattoos. Normally I’m not a fan of temporary tattoos but how fun would it be to place it somewhere discreet and use it a friendly reminder when you are have a tough day.

Sealuxe Carpe Diem Handmade Soap

I have become a huge fan of Sealuxe soap over the last couple months. It has been featured in a few different subscription boxes and they are located right here in my home province. This soap in particular sounds exceptionally wonderful because it is made with peppermint, lavender and tea tree. I can’t wait to try it.

Southern Culture Foods Shortstacks Pancake & Waffle Mix

Enjoy tasty pancakes or waffles whenever you’d like to start the day anew with this GMO-free, all-natural mix. 

How fun is this!! Caring Crate nails it with the edible items each month. I have received some really fun snacks in this box. Snacks that I get to make. I am going to save this mix for my next sleepover with my nieces. They are going to love it!

Caring Crate Review January 2017 – Final Thoughts

This might not be the most exciting Caring Crate, but it’s still pretty great. They always manage to find such unique items. Items you won’t find in other subscription boxes (other than the Sealuxe soap). This really is a wonderful little box to receive in the mail. It might not have crazy value, or super fancy packaging, but it still deserves a spot among the best or the best, simply for the fact that so much care and effort goes into the curation. You can tell that there is passion behind this box, and that alone adds value to the subscription. If you live in Canada, this is one to keep an eye on.


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