Caring Crate Review October 2017

Caring Crate is a unique, monthly subscription box service for those dealing with mental health issues, chronic illnesses – or anyone who needs a little extra self-care. From mood enhancing aromatherapy and teas, to personal journals and healthy snacks, Caring Crate is the perfect solution to indulging in a little self-care, or gifting a thoughtfully curated box to friends, family & loved ones. They kindly sent us this box for review.

Caring Crate is a special little subscription box. It aims to help us live a happier life, one full of self-care and positivity. It’s a great box for those struggling with mental health issues, but it’s also a great box for those of us who need a monthly reminder to take care of ourselves. I have been following this subscription from the beginning and I can say with certainty that they always put a lot of energy into the curation.

Subscription Details

From the website:

Our care crates are curated to give you the “tools” for self-care. 

Each box subscription offered by Caring Crate includes a carefully curated selection of products. From healthy snacks and wellness products, to journals and aromatherapy, there’s a little something for everyone in every Caring Crate box. 

Unlike other box subscription services, Caring Crate is focused entirely on your well-being. We skip the roundup of one-use products and instead provide you with the “tools” you need to care for your own well-being. Think of it as a gift to yourself, sans guilt. 

When you sign up for a Caring Crate subscription you can choose from the following options:

  • Monthly-to-Month Subscription
  • 3-months Subscription
  • 6-month Subscription
  • Gift Subscription

Here’s a closer look at the items we received in the October 2017 box…..

Yoga Dice

Use these dice, each of which pertain to a certain type of yoga pose including seated, standing, balancing, twists and more, to create a practice based on how you’re feeling.

Such a unique item! Caring Crate always manages to find such fun products. This is something I’ve noticed from day one. Each box always includes a product I never would have discovered on my own. These Yoga Dice are super fun. What a great way to enjoy your yoga practice.

Frequency Grounding Smudge and Aroma Spray

Feel the vibrations around you… Breathe… Change the Frequency!

Get your head out of the clouds and plant your feet firmly in the earth. This woodsy blend of patchouli, cedar and rosemary is rounded out with a touch of lavender and mysterious frankincense. The pure essential oil blend is floated on top of pink Himalayan saltwater and tree agate stones to help you grow roots.

Essential oil sprays are a great little pick-me-up. I keep one beside my desk for a mid-afternoon spritz and also keep one beside my bed. I have received this brand before and quite like their formula.

Decoded Designs Morse Code Bracelet

Morse code bracelets are a beautiful and covert way to keep a person, pet, or mantra close to heart. Perfect for you or someone special, these bracelets are thoughtful and personal, making them a gift that your recipient will talk about and treasure for a long time to come.

Morse Code is a system in which letters & numbers are represented by dots and dashes. This bracelet was created using the same system. One gold bead represents a dot & two gold beads represent a dash. Once decoded, this bracelet reads: Breathe.

Another unique product! I love this little bracelet. It’s simple, pretty, has nice packaging and is unlike any other bracelet I have received. What a fun idea for a beaded bracelet. I get excited about products like this. I will definitely have to spend some time on the Decoded Designs website.

Happy Grace Bliss Balm

Peppermint essential oil gives this Bliss Balm an invigorating kick. Perfect for that mid-afternoon energy slump, or right before a tough workout!

Happy Grace Lip Balm is so much more than a balm. It’s a tube of moisturizing goodness for your lips with a positive affirmation printed on the side. Say the words out loud—in a quiet whisper, or maybe a rowdy shout if you’re alone in your car—right after applying the balm to your lips. Swipe it, say it, live it.

I am always happy to receive lip balm, but I’ve mentioned that before. This one takes it to another level though. The affirmation printed on the side is genius. I use lip balm at least 3 times a day and now I will have a positive reminder each time I apply it.

MyMat MyMantra MantraSpot

This mantra provides you with the reminder to let go and trust the process. MantraSpots can be stuck anywhere you need a bit of inspiration, your yoga mat, water bottle, mirror, notebook or laptop.

I love this saying! It’s a great daily reminder so I should probably put in on something I use on a regular basis……like my water bottle.

Caring Crate Review October 2017 – Final Thoughts

Once again Caring Crate has put together a lovely box. It’s maybe not my favourite box we have received from them, but I still appreciate each item they included and will enjoy them all. I always have, and always will, love the idea behind this box, as well as the passion behind it. Overall, this box doesn’t have the wow-factor that some of the bigger boxes have, but it makes up for that when it comes to curation. You can tell that a lot of love goes into each box and in the end that outweighs everything else you might find in other subscriptions. I have admired this box from the beginning and will continue to do so.


3 comments on “Caring Crate Review October 2017

  1. alexfranchuk says:

    This was actually the August box, not October! 🙂

    1. Really? Oh my goodness, are we that behind on our reviews? We only just received this one.

      1. alexfranchuk says:

        No you’re not behind! 🙂 there was an email that went out to subscribers saying that Caring Crate was a little behind schedule but they hope to have things back on track soon! I just received this box last week as well and September’s box should be shipping soon. They hope to have everything back on track by the end of the year according to the email. Last box we received before this one was the July box ‘Tropical Tranquility’. Hope that makes sense 🙂

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