Celebrate States Review January 2022

Celebrate States allows you to explore U.S. states, support small businesses and take a mini vacation without leaving home!

Take a trip with us across the US to celebrate a different state each month with quality goods from local, small US businesses plus interactive and fun information on each “celebrated” state. Each box contains 6 to 7 full sized items. You will receive delicious foods, household items, and useful items all made from small businesses in that state. They kindly sent us this box for review.

Celebrate States is such a fun box to receive. I love that I get to “visit” a different US state each month and I have been loving the variety of products we receive.

Subscription Details

Celebrate States boxes are packed full of fun items from small businesses in each state. You will receive items, made in the “Celebrated State” that are foods, beauty, and home goods. The boxes also contain interactive material and travel material about the state.

  • Learn about different U.S. States!
  • Support small and family owned businesses across the U.S.
  • Great fun for everyone in the family! Individual one time gift boxes also avaialble!
  • High quality new releases each month!
  • Makes a great gift too!

There are 3 subscription options to choose from:

  • Monthly Pay Subscription
  • Three-Month Subscription
  • Six-Month Subscription

Here’s a closer look at the January Celebrate States….

For the month of January we are visiting Arizona! They have included a product card, map, magazine and activity sheet.

Grow Your Own Cactus

First up we get to grow our own cactus. Very appropriate for an Arizona themed box and such a fun little activity. It includes Saguaro Cactus seeds, soil, clay pot, instructions, and an information packet. It will germinate indoors in 11 to 21 days.

Rock Candy Pebbles

Next up we have these fun pebble candies. They look like real rocks but are actually jelly beans. There are 5 different flavours:

  1. huckleberry
  2. grape
  3. cherry
  4. watermelon
  5. pineapple
Audrey’s Chia Cookies

Next up we have these yummy little cookies which are made with chia seeds. The owner (Audrey) is a wife, mom, runner and outdoor enthusiast. She discovered the power of chia seeds and created these better for you cookies. I had a peek on her Instagram page and it looks like she has three different flavours….

  1. chocolate chip
  2. lemon
  3. almond

Arizona Craft and Candle

I have a candle obsession so I am always happy to receive a new one. This one in particular is Desert Marigold which has notes of green floral, musk and amber. The idea behind the company’s collection is to enable you to share in the tranquility of the desert no matter your location.

Pie Town Soap – Aromatherapy Soap

This is one of the products I am most excited about because I LOVE handmade soap. It has notes of cypress, balsam, pine tar and orange. I would maybe compare it slightly to lemongrass. I will use this one in our guest bath.

Jocelyn and Company – Crackers, Spread and Knife

Lastly we have this fun little snack trio. It’s making me want to take a work break and make myself a mini charcuterie board. I could add a few olives, some vegan cheese, and I would have myself the best little snack ever.

Celebrate States Review January 2022 – Final Thoughts

The January Celebrate States was a pleasure to unbox. We got to visit the state of Arizona and we received a fun mixture of local goodies. I love that there’s a focus on food products because who doesn’t love snacks, but it’s also really nice that we receive lifestyle products as well. I was going to tell you what products I am most excited about but there isn’t one that stands out from the rest. I’m equally excited about all of them.

-AYOB Sarah

Celebrate States

Celebrate States allows you to explore U.S. states, support small businesses and take a mini vacation without leaving home!

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