Chakra Love Review May 2016

Today’s review is the perfect example of why subscription boxes are great for discovering new products and brands. I received a gorgeous pair of earrings in my last Sapphire Soul box, and I loved them so much that I just had to check out the store they came from. It was then that I discover that the designer not only has an entire line of beautiful healing jewelry, she also has a subscription box of her own –  Chakra Love.

If you aren’t familiar with Chakra Love it is a monthly subscription service for healing jewelry. Each month  owner Jeri Warlick intuitively selects Crystal talisman necklaces for the subscriber, so it is as if the universe brings you the Crystal that you need the most for energetic healing or manifestation work.

Chakra Love May 2016 2

The Box: Chakra Love

Cost: $124 for a 3-month subscription

What You Get: Each month you will receive a petite but powerful crystal healing talisman on vegan-friendly cord or leather. Each talisman includes a stone that brings about healing and balance to a specific chakra!

Ships to: US & Canada

Shipping Cost: $5 per month to US, additional fees for Canadian shipping

Chakra Love May 2016 3 Chakra Love May 2016 4

Sacral Chakra (Coral) – Coral is organically found in the sea. It can bring about deep emotional healing and release of past hurts/blockages. It can also help you integrate new awareness by assisting with the wearer allowing change into your life. It boosts sensuality, creativity and the circulation of energy in our bodies. Pair it with Amazonite to help express your deepest creative and passionate inspirations.

Chakra Love May 2016 5

Thoughts: I am in love with this new subscription. I don’t consider myself an overly spiritual person, but at the same time I do believe in spirituality, self-care, manifestation, and energetic healing. The earnings I received from Jeri in my most recent Sapphire Soul box were turquoise, which can aid in keeping our auras (energetic bodies) clear of the negative energy from others. The healing properties of turquoise struck a chord with me and I feel like I received the earrings at the perfect time. It is for that reason I was so excited to receive my first package form Chakra Love. This time around I received a beautiful coral piece which represents change and emotional healing. There’s a lot of change going on in my life right now (good change) so this gorgeous piece fits in perfectly, and will be worn a lot. I absolutely love the idea of this subscription and can’t wait to receive my next piece.





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