Chococurb Mini Review June 2016

Chococurb Mini Review June 2016

Chococurb Mini Review June 2016 – Sometimes it’s the simple subscription boxes that are the best subscription boxes. I’m a no-nonsense kind of girl, I like things that are straight forward. So it should come as no surprise that I like a subscription box which contains 3 simple items…..chocolate, chocolate and chocolate.

Chococurb Details

If you aren’t familiar with Chococurb it is a monthly chocolate discovery experience. They help people discover extraordinary chocolate with their monthly subscription boxes and through their shop, where you can purchase incredible products. Chococurb kindly sent me this box to review.

Chocurb Mini Review June 2016 1 Chocurb Mini Review June 2016 2

The Box: Chococurb


  • Chococurb Mini – $20 per month
  • Chococurb – $35 per month

What You Get:

  • Chococurb Mini – three gourmet chocolate products
  • Chococurb – five to seven personally selected, extraordinary chocolate treats

Ships to:

  • US – Free Shipping
  • Canada – Free Shipping
  • Europe (UK & DE) – Free Shipping to England and Germany
  • Europe – Cost per unit @ check-out
  • Australia – Cost per unit @ check-out
  • New Zealand – Cost per unit @ check-out
Chocurb Mini Review June 2016 3
Shipping Details

Chococurb ships in the cutest little blue box. I am a sucker for a cute box, and this one is pretty darn cute. It also sticks with the “no-nonsense” theme we have going on. It’s not full of unnecessary promotional items, or packaging material. They don’t include a product card, which is the only thing I would have to complain about, but that’s not a deal breaker. I should also point out that they  use cold packs and cool shield foil bubble wrap to ensure the chocolate doesn’t melt.

Chocurb Mini Review June 2016 6
Cacao Sampaka Chocolate Negro Dark Chocolate

55% dark chocolate bar with Arabica coffee flavour.

I couldn’t really find any information on this one. I searched everywhere for it but came up with nothing. Chococurb has some of the chocolate bars listed in their shop, but not this one. On the other hand, do I really need product information for a chocolate bar? Ummm…….no! I’ll make my own – Unwrap, enjoy with wine, and repeat.

Chocurb Mini Review June 2016 7
Alma The Milk Chocolate Almond Mini

Crunchy roasted almonds dipped in molten-hot caramel stud this not too sweet milk chocolate. By only using real, fresh, and high quality ingredients, Alma’s chocolates are always incredibly delicious. The fact that each confection is handmade and unique makes this milk chocolate bar with roasted almonds and caramel even better.

The best thing about chocolate bars is the fact that you can add so many fun flavours and ingredients. Roasted almonds dipped in caramel sounds pretty good right about now, and it’s only 6:30 in the morning, can I eat this one with my coffee?

Chocurb Mini Review June 2016 8
jCoCo Agave Quinoa Sesame Bar

Quinoa, a superfood high in protein, is especially tasty in this delicious flavor combination. The quinoa is puffed under a low heat then coated with blue agave, a natural sweetener, to seal in the airy crunch of the seed. It is then mixed with toasted sesame seeds and blended with our Vanuatu milk chocolate, for a sweet & salty flavor profile with a South American influence. Includes three individually wrapped 1 oz bars. All-natural, non-GMO, gluten-free, and Kosher.

This one sounds AMAZING! The fact that it contains a superfood makes me feel like it will be acceptable to eat in the morning, with my coffee.

Chocurb Mini Review June 2016 4
Chococurb Mini Review June 2016 – Final Thoughts

I love this subscription, but that should come as no surprise. Some of you feel like it is maybe a little too expensive, but I would have to disagree. Yes, you can easily go to the grocery store and get three chocolate bars for $3 dollars, but we are looking at bars like Kit Kat, Mars and oh Henry. while these kind of chocolate bars are perfectly acceptable (all chocolate is acceptable) I also like to discover new chocolate. All three of the bars I received this month are quality chocolate from quality brands, and I never would have found them on my own. And don’t forget, shipping is FREE to the US & Canada so we don’t have to add that to the cost of the box. I personally think $20 is a reasonable price for a pretty little box of chocolate.





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