Chococurb Mini Review September 2016

Chococurb Mini Review September 2016

The August Chococurb Mini was my favourite. If you haven’t seen the review, it’s definitely worth checking out. They included some pretty fun chocolates, including a Mint Chip bar. I’m not sure if they will ever be able to top that one (for me personally) because the chocolate selection was pretty perfect. But with that being said, I’m happy with any sort of chocolate, so even if they can’t top the August box, I will still love every box I receive.

Chococurb Details

If you aren’t familiar with Chococurb it is a monthly chocolate discovery experience. They help people discover extraordinary chocolate with their monthly subscription boxes and through their shop, where you can purchase incredible products. Chococurb kindly sent me this box to review.


The Box: Chococurb


  • Chococurb Nano – $10 per month
  • Chococurb Mini – $20 per month
  • Chococurb – $35 per month

What You Get:

  • Chococurb Nano – Five small-to-medium sized items, same incredible experience. It’s the perfect way to start discovering real, high quality chocolate and it starts at just $10.
  • Chococurb Mini – three gourmet chocolate products.
  • Chococurb – five to seven personally selected, extraordinary chocolate treats.

Ships to:

  • US – Free Shipping
  • International – Cost per unit @ check-out

Coupon Code: Use code BOXES10 for 10% off your first box – CLICK HERE

YouTube Unboxing: CLICK HERE


My September Chococurb arrived in a styrofoam cooler box, as per usual, but it’s not the prettiest thing to take photos off. They definitely know how to package their boxes. I’ve never had any of my bars arrive melted.


Leonidas Milk Chocolate Bar

Milk chocolate with fragments of crunchy biscuit.



jCoCo Noble Dark Chocolate

Belgium enjoys the reputation of producing the finest chocolate in the world. This is where we source our 72% couverture noble dark chocolate bar. It is deep, smooth and chocolatey with a wonderful mouth feel and no trace of bitterness. We then add inclusions of coated Casa Luker cocoa nibs from Colombia. The nibs are toasted then enrobed in dark chocolate.

Viva English Garden Chocolate

Dark 65% chocolate with French candied violets, meyer lemon, thyme and basil.

Chococurb Mini Review September 2016 – Final Thoughts

This month’s Chococurb Mini box has a totally different theme than last month’s box. This month we received dark chocolate, cookies & milk chocolate, and a fun little garden party bar. I am super intrigued by the English Garden bar. I know that violets are edible, and lots of chef’s incorporate them into deserts, but this will be my first time trying them in chocolate, or at all for that matter. I always discover fun new chocolate bars in this subscription. And thanks to Chococurb I always have some sort of chocolate to go with my wine……….red wine & chocolate = happy girl.





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