Choulala Box Review April 2020

Choulala Box is a box of curated, fashionable children’s clothing delivered right to your door. It is designed to empower kids with the everyday routine of self-dressing by going back to wardrobe basics. Their BLAST Boxes are a monthly delivery of ethical kids fashion brands, to help busy parents build capsule wardrobes for their kids. They kindly sent us this box for review.

I am beyond excited about today’s review! The moment we found out we were pregnant I immediately started researching/looking for baby clothing subscription boxes. I tried to shop for children’s clothing on my own and was overwhelmed by all the choices online and underwhelmed by the limited number of children’s stores in the town where we live. I came across Choulala Box and was immediately drawn to the trendy yet simple clothing styles. Their subscription boxes are meant for 2-6 year olds but Baby Steven is a VERY big boy so he will fit the 2T sooner than later. I also like to be proactive when it comes to baby necessities so I am more than happy to start his toddler wardrobe ASAP.

Subscription Details

Each Choulala Box includes 1 Bottom, 1 Top, 1 Sock Pair and 1 item from either their Bottoms, Layerings, Accessories, Socks & Shoes or Tops from their BLAST™ method for wardrobe selection.

Each box comes with their BLAST™ Guide, coloring kit and a FREE set of Flash Cards.

The BLAST™ Method

We encourage parents to see fashion and self-dressing as more than a simple task of putting on and off clothes. To use it instead to connect, empower and inspire independence and confidence while having fun!

Choulala Box gives you the tools with the BLAST™ method to simplify wardrobe selection and bring back the fun in this everyday task.

  • it connects: it develops their curiosity so that they can discover what makes them unique
  • it empowers: it gives them the confidence that they can do anything on their own
  • its fun: it brings back the joy in their everyday routine to get them off on a good start
  • it inspires: it creates a positive feeling in them that lays the foundation for a ‘can do’ mindset

Here’s a closer look at the items I received in my first Choulala Box….

BLAST™ Guide and Coloring Activity Kit

We want to be more than just another kids fashion box. That’s why with every purchase from Choulala Box, you and your little ones receive our BLAST™ Guide and coloring activity kit. We also have a beautifully illustrated 49-card deck to teach wardrobe basics while empowering them to have fun!

What a pleasant surprise! I certainly wasn’t expecting to find a coloring activity in the box. What a great idea! And just look at the beautiful cards. What a great way to get your child involved in the dressing process. I love the idea of empowering and inspiring your child by giving them the freedom/responsibility of picking out their own clothes and getting dressed.


First up we have this really great, royal blue sweatshirt. It’s exactly what I would have picked out on my own had I seen this in a store. It’s simple yet stylish and I really love the color.


To layer under the sweatshirt we have a basic black t-shirt which is a must-have for any little boy’s wardrobe. This will go with a number of different outfits and it will allow me to create somewhat of a capsule wardrobe for Steven. I like the idea of having fewer pieces that you can mix and match together rather than a large number of pieces that can only be worn with certain things.


These joggers are another staple when it comes to children’s wardrobes. They go perfectly with the black tee and blue sweatshirt but they will also go with a number of other styles, colors and patterns.


Toques are a must-have where I live. Come September the weather gets cool and Steven will need to have a few different hats in his wardrobe as I plan on being outside with him as much as I can. I kind of wish the pom-pom was blue to match the sweatershirt but then again I don’t like it when things are too matchy-matchy.


No outfit would be complete without a fun pair of socks and these ones are F.U.N. I absolutely LOVE the hamburger and fry detail, and I’m sure Steven will as well.

Choulala Box Review April 2020 – Final Thoughts

It’s official! I have a new favorite Canadian Subscription Box! Choulala Box exceeded my expectations and provided me with a great outfit for Steven’s future wardrobe. I am extremely picky when it comes to children’s clothing so I was a little worried that I may not be 100% happy with the items they chose for me. It’s actually the opposite. I am absolutely thrilled with the outfit and wish I could dress Steven in it right now. Each piece fits my style preferences perfectly, they create a complete outfit, and they will easily mix and match with other pieces in his wardrobe. Choulala Box is $99 per month and given the quality and style of the pieces I received I would say this is a reasonable price. Not to mention the fact that shipping is FREE and it has saved me a trip to the mall, that in and of itself adds value to the box. I am excited to see what I receive next month and am SO happy to have found a children’s clothing subscription.

-AYOB Sarah

Choulala Box

Choulala is a box of curated, fashionable children’s clothing delivered right to your door each month.

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