Choulala Box Review May 2020

Choulala Box is a box of curated, fashionable children’s clothing delivered right to your door. It is designed to empower kids with the everyday routine of self-dressing by going back to wardrobe basics. Their BLAST Boxes are a monthly delivery of ethical kids fashion brands, to help busy parents build capsule wardrobes for their kids. They kindly sent us this box for review.

Being a new Mom is hard. Let me tell you. And being a new Mom while running a business, keeping the house clean, cooking meals and trying to keep up with my workout routine? It’s near impossible. And you know what that means? I have zero time left for shopping. Poor little Steven has been wearing the same outfits on repeat for the last few weeks because I just don’t have time to shop for his clothes.

This is where Choulala Box comes in. Their sizes start at 2T and Steven is only in size 6 months but do you know how happy I am to have his toddler wardrobe started? He will be wearing these sizes before I know it and I LOVE that I haven’t had to shop for these pieces myself.

Subscription Details

Choulala Box has 3 subscription options to choose from. We receive the Mystery Box each month but you can also choose the Wardrobe Stylist Service or Build Your Own Box.

Mystery Box ($99): Save 20% by opting for the monthly mystery BLAST™ boxes featuring handpicked clothing with 4 items of the following wardrobe categories:

  1. 1 x Bottom
  2. 1 x Top
  3. 1 x Sock Pair
  4. 1 x of either our Bottoms, Layering pieces, Accessories, Socks or Tops category
The BLAST™ Method

We encourage parents to see fashion and self-dressing as more than a simple task of putting on and off clothes. To use it instead to connect, empower and inspire independence and confidence while having fun!

Choulala Box gives you the tools with the BLAST™ method to simplify wardrobe selection and bring back the fun in this everyday task.

  • it connects: it develops their curiosity so that they can discover what makes them unique
  • it empowers: it gives them the confidence that they can do anything on their own
  • its fun: it brings back the joy in their everyday routine to get them off on a good start
  • it inspires: it creates a positive feeling in them that lays the foundation for a ‘can do’ mindset

Here’s a closer look at the items I received in my May Mystery Choulala Box….

Layering Piece – Black Hoodie

How great is this little hoodie?! I want a matching one in my size. This is such a great addition to Steven’s wardrobe as we can layer it over t-shirts, use it as a light jacket in the Spring and Fall, and the neutral color ensures it will go with a majority of his outfits. I also really like the contrasting tie/strings.

Top – Black T-Shirt

Have I mentioned that I love black? This little top is absolutely perfect. It can be worn on it’s own in the summer or layered with a hoodie or jacket in the Spring and Fall. I like the v-neck and pocket details. And how great will it look with a little pair of jeans and white runners?!

Bottoms – Shorts

These little banana shorts are killing me! How fun! The waffle material, the mustard yellow color, and the banana detail. These will pair perfectly with the black t-shirt and I can add the hoodie if its chilly outside.

The pattern shorts are just as fun, and at first glance they appear to be a little longer than regular shorts. Perfect for Steven because he is VERY tall for his age.

Accessory – Socks

Lastly we have an adorable pair of grey/yellow socks which tie everything together. These pair perfectly with all of the piece in the box.

Choulala Box Review May 2020 – Final Thoughts

Choulala Box has a few subscription options to choose from – The Mystery Box, Build a Blast Box, and the Blast Wardrobe Service. Each month we receive the Mystery Box as it is my favorite option of the three. I LOVE that it doesn’t require me to do any work. My stylist puts together the pieces for me, the box arrives at my door and ta-da – Steven has an adorable new outfit (or two) to wear.

This month’s box is pretty darn great. I love the styles Choulala Box curates for me. I love the quality of the pieces, the neutral colors, and the fact there’s just a hint of style/patterns/details. Overall I am VERY happy with my Choulala Boxes to date.

-AYOB Sarah

Choulala Box

Choulala is a box of curated, fashionable children’s clothing delivered right to your door each month.

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