Clean Crate Review April 2022

Clean Crate is a Subscription Box for Everyday Green Cleaning Essentials. A curated selection of top-quality daily cleaning products sourced exclusively from Canadian brands. All eco-friendly, non-toxic and free of harsh chemicals so they are safe for your children & pets. They kindly sent us this box for review.

April marks my third Clean Crate delivery and I have to say…..I am LOVING this subscription! I am actually starting to enjoy cleaning and I am having a lot of fun testing out all the different green cleaning products I receive in each box. I also really LOVE that the products included are free of harsh chemicals and safe for children.

Subscription Details

What You Get: Your first Clean Crate order is curated for you, all subsequent deliveries can be customized. Choose a delivery interval that works for you: Monthly, bi-monthly, seasonal or semi-annual deliveries are available.

Shop for Add-Ons to your Clean Crate that will ship free with your delivery.

Pause. Skip. Reschedule. Anytime. Free shipping in Canada.

Here’s a closer look at our April Clean Crate delivery….

Eco Living Club Laundry Strips: Here we have a pack of laundry strips with enough for 40 loads. I have tried 4 different laundry strip brands to date but this is a new one for me. They are easy to use, non toxic and lightly scented.

Kitchen & Laundry Bar: I love that I can use this in the kitchen or the laundry room, and I also love that it has a very subtle scent. It says that in addition to dishes, you can also use this on sinks, countertops, stovetops, oven doors and more!

Bubby’s Bubbles Laundry Detergent: This vanilla scented detergent totally appeals to me. I’ve never used a vanilla scented laundry soap before and vanilla is a fave! This little pack has enough for 10 loads which is the perfect amount to determine if I like it or not.

Reusable Dryer Cloth: Yes, yes, yes!!! I am so excited to see these dryer cloths in the box. I am currently using dryer balls but they can actually be quite loud, not ideal while little Steven is napping, so I just might replace them with these cloths. You simply throw both cloths in the dryer with your clothes and be sure to wash them every 3 months.

Reusable Eco-Sponge: How cute is this reusable sponge! An adorable ice-cream pattern on one side and a scrub-like material on the other. Oh and it is machine washable!

Silvapure Refresh Spray: And here we have a handy little Refresh spray which can be used for gym bags, sports equipments and yoga mats just to name a few. You simply shake well and spray generously.

Sitti Oak Soap Dish: I love this little soap dish and have been wanting to get one for beside the kitchen sink. It goes perfectly with the next item….

Bath & Body Bar: Here we have a bath and body item which is a nice little addition to the box. This one in particular is for sensitive skin and has a lemon verbena scent.

Dishwasher Powder: I can’t remember the last time I used a powder in the dishwasher so I am kind of excited to try this. It has enough for 24 loads and it is plant-based. Simply use 1 tsp in the pre-wash cup and 1 tbs in the main wash cup.

Sanitizing Spray: Here we have a purifying blend of Sanitizing Spray from The Bare Co. I keep coming across this brand on Instagram and have been meaning to test out some of their products. It can be used on surfaces such as kitchen counters and is made with essential oils.

Clean Crate Review April 2022 – Final Thoughts

Clean Crate subscriptions are customizable and subscribers are able to choose the items they receive in each box. However…..I have opted to let the Clean Crate team surprise me each month and so far I am loving what they choose. By letting them choose my products for each box I am discovering brands I wouldn’t have tried otherwise. I am having so much fun testing out all the different products, I am finding some I love and some I’m not too crazy about. Once I have tried a few more surprise boxes I will compile my list of faves and choose those for my boxes going forward. This is quickly becoming one of my must-have subscription boxes.

-AYOB Sarah

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