Clean Crate Review July 2022

Clean Crate is a Subscription Box for Everyday Green Cleaning Essentials. A curated selection of top-quality daily cleaning products sourced exclusively from Canadian brands. All eco-friendly, non-toxic and free of harsh chemicals so they are safe for your children & pets. They kindly sent us this box for review.

So…..I have to tell you…..I am a HUGE fan of Clean Crate and have been loving my monthly deliveries. I am honestly having so much fun cleaning my house, and I NEVER thought I would say that. I am especially excited about this month’s box because it includes a couple items I have been wanting to try……

Subscription Details

What You Get: Your first Clean Crate order is curated for you, all subsequent deliveries can be customized. Choose a delivery interval that works for you: Monthly, bi-monthly, seasonal or semi-annual deliveries are available.

Shop for Add-Ons to your Clean Crate that will ship free with your delivery.

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Here’s a closer look at our July Clean Crate delivery….

Lemon Aide Toilet Bowl Cleaner: High Performance cleaning, Lemon Aide harnesses the naturally antibacterial properties of pure lemon essential oil. Designed to aide in making your home sparkle and shine, without any harsh or toxic ingredients. The sublime aromas of Lemon Aide will bring a new level of joy to your cleaning ritual. It’s cleaning that makes you happy! All-natural, vegan, fair-trade, family and pet friendly.

Such a funny thing to be excited about, but…….I am VERY excited to try this toilet bowl cleaner. It is one of the cleaning products I had on my “to-buy” list and I love that it is lemon scented….my preferred scent when it comes to cleaning products.

Swedish Cloth: With a bright and fresh design, this Swedish Sponge Cloth is sure to brighten up your kitchen and your day! The sponge cloth has been a staple in Swedish kitchens for over 60 years and can absorb 15x its own weight in liquid. 

To say that I am obsessed with these cloths would be an understatement. I absolutely LOVE them and really need to purchase a pack of twenty. They are ten times better than regular cloths. I actually look forward to wiping the kitchen counters at the end of the day.

Twist & Kliin: Concentrated biotechnological solution and biodegradable, is perfect for cleaning up all greasy surfaces, stubborn stains and removing oils, greases, organic matter and cleanses other recurring dirt. It contains enzymes that quickly break down animal, organic and plant materials found on surfaces that are responsable for dirt.

I am excited to try this, you simply fill a spray bottle with water, twist the pod into the bottle, give it a good shake, and start cleaning!

Cloth: I couldn’t find any info on this particular cloth but I’m thinking it goes with the stainless steel cleaner. See below…..

The Bare Home Hand Soap: Eco-Sustainable natural cleaning products that are safe for you, your home, and the earth. Their hand soap thoroughly cleans while being gentle on your skin. This plant-powered goodness will leave your hands feeling fresh and clean, never dry!
Scented using organic essential oils.

The Bare Co. Glass Cleaner: No ammonia here! Safe for any glass or mirrored surface. 

  • Directions: Apply with a soft dry cloth to mirrors or glass surfaces and wipe in a circular motion to a beautiful shine

Another product I had on my to-buy list and another one I am very excited to try. I have been looking for a good natural glass cleaner and haven’t been able to find one yet.

Aspen Clean Microfiber Cloth: With it’s soft texture, the cloth is great for universal cleaning tasks. It’s suitable for all washable surfaces, and can be washed and reused many times so that it can last for years! The microfiber cloth uses static energy, friction and capillary effects to trap and remove dust, dirt, oils and even bacteria – the perfect cleaning supply!

Cleaning cloths are a must! And the perfect alternative to paper towels. I have a selection of them which I use for different areas in my home and am VERY happy to have another one.

Pure Stainless Steel Cleaner: Steel is beautiful, but it does get full of finger spots in a heartbeat. As you know, not an easy surface to clean with anything on hand. For this princess of a surface, Pure created a cleaning product specially for stainless steal. It does not just clean; it keeps it clean longer.

How does the miracle work? First apply a little product on a rag, then rub on the surface following the grain pattern. Cleaner will form a narrow protective screen which then facilitates everyday maintenance. Repeat if need be. Now you can call it ‘’stainless’’.

Last but not least, my favourite item in the box. I have never used a stainless steel cleaner before but this one gets amazing reviews and I can’t wait to get rid of all the little toddler prints on our fridge.

Clean Crate Review July 2022 – Final Thoughts

This is, without a doubt, my favourite Clean Crate delivery to date. It is filled with a wonderful selection of products that I have had on my “to-buy” list since we moved in to our new house (that was a while ago). I can’t wait to try the toilet bowl cleaner, glass cleaner and stainless cleaner. I am SO looking forward to the weekend so I can kick the boys out of the house, turn on the stereo and test out my new cleaning products! And I just might have a glass of wine while I do it……is that wrong?

-AYOB Sarah

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