Craftly Review December 2016

Craftly is a monthly subscription service that delivers 4-5 high quality lifestyle items from unique brands, products and artists to your doorstep! Each item is handpicked by Craftly founders  Adam Montoya and Cathy Diep, along with their team. They kindly send me this box for review. 

December Theme

The theme for December is “Wild”. There’s no description on their product card, but I found one on their Facebook page:

While December brings in that holiday spirit, we believe that winter season is the best way to go wild (kind of like “The Revenant” but more friendly). Our December “Wild” box was packed with products reminiscent of this time of year.

Barnaby Black Winter Fir Lodge Spray

Made with 100% wild foraged aromatics and created using plants and trees collected in the USA. Let this spray take you to the mountains from your very own room. 

This fits the theme perfectly. It’s smells like the woods. It will definitely make you feel like you are in the mountains, and I actually kind of like it. The alcohol smell is a little strong, but I am wondering if that will go away after you spray it?

Formulary Bourbon & Vanilla Soap

Mixing bold and sweet scents together for a balanced combination. Superfatted to be extra moisturizing and skin softening. These petite bars are long lasting and luxurious. 

It’s funny, when I first started reviewing subscription boxes, I never really liked to receive soap in my boxes. But, fast forward a couple of years and now I get very excited about it. I have 4 bars of soap on the go, one in each bathroom and one in the shower, and they are all from subscription boxes. This one in particular is pretty exciting thanks to the bourbon/vanilla combo. This will be the next one I unwrap.

Ritual Chocolate Fleur de Sel Dark Chocolate with Sea Salt Bar

Fine French salt and craft chocolate were made to be together. This classic combination satisfies your sweet and savoury craving simultaneously and stupendously. 

Well, they certainly know the way to my heart. Include a quality chocolate bar in any subscription box and I instantly fall in love. And if the packaging matches the monthly theme……well that’s just a bonus.


Pair of Thieves Sigourney Woven Socks

Pair of Thieves blends bold designs with big performance elements. These socks will keep you warm as you hike in winter wonderland. They wick moisture while being super comfy. 

Oh my goodness!! This is amazing!! I have been meaning to purchase a pair of warm socks. I have hiking trails right across the road from our new house and my favourite time to go is right after it snows. And…..I actually really love this color/pattern combo. Normally I don’t get too excited about socks……but today I am excited.

Craftly Review December 2016 – Final Thoughts

It’s so crazy to think that Craftly would be on my favourite subscription box list, but it is. I was so confused by this box the first 3 times I unboxed it, and I kinda still am. The items in the box are always a surprise, because there’s absolutely no rhyme or reason to them, or the monthly themes. Oh, and can we talk about the fact that the socks come in two different styles this month – men’s or women’s. This is an exciting discovery because it means they have gender specific boxes, and I never knew that. I think I like Craftly even more now. This really is a fun box. It’s the unknown, and that makes it exciting.





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