Craftly Review October 2016

Craftly Review October 2016

I feel like I just did my September Craftly review and I am already back with the October review. It has been 5 months since I discovered this totally random subscription box, and usually I say that after 3 months I have a good idea of what we can expect to see a box, but when it comes to this subscription in particular, I still have no idea what to expect. Subscription boxes can kind of become predictable after a while, but one thing is for sure, Craftly is anything but predictable.

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Craftly Details

If you aren’t familiar with Craftly it is a monthly subscription service that delivers 4-5 high quality lifestyle items from unique brands, products and artists to your doorstep! Each item is handpicked by Craftly founders  Adam Montoya and Cathy Diep, along with their team. This box was provided complimentary for review and may include affiliate links.


The Box: Craftly

Cost: $25 per month

What You Get: Every month, you’ll receive a delivery of 4-5 full and deluxe size items in art, tech, snacks, grooming products, home goods and more! No samples here 🙂

Ships to: Worldwide

Shipping Costs: FREE to US, International shipping fees calculated at checkout

October Theme

This month’s Craftly product card looks a little different, and it appears to have a theme – Play Pretend. It doesn’t offer any sort of explanation, but it’s pretty self-explanatory.

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Breaking Games – Game of Phones

Get to know your friends with Game of Phones, the card game that puts your internetin’ skills and jam-packed photoroll to good use. It’s like a scavenger hunt on your phone.

Umm…..this is awesome! I NEVER get games in my subscription boxes. It’s such a fun idea for a card game. I flipped through some of the cards and it seems like it could be a really fun game.

Unplugged Goods Twistable Laces

Bring joy to tedious tasks! Twist and let this silicon lace hug your cables when not in use. Practical and easy to use, yet whimsical!

I secretly love little tech gadgets like these. I would never go out and search for these on my own, but I am super excited to have them. Plus……they are an organization tool, so my OCD side is loving them.


Mokuyobi Banana Time Patch

Are you a Potassium expert? Do you have strict rules about when that curvy fruit is perfectly ripe for eating? Then this playful patch is for you. Show everyone that you will never turn down a ripe banana.

Who is in charge of picking these items out, and how on earth do they find them? Where would you even start looking for something like this, and how did they know that a banana patch even existed. It definitely intrigues me.

Wintercroft DIY Low-Poly Mask

Embody your inner animal or alter ego with a unique modern downloadable mask template of your choice that you can build yourself. Simple, environmentally friendly, and most importantly, FUN!

Not really a fan of coupon codes, but a downloadable mask definitely fits with the random vibe. And a coupon code for something you download is better than something you have to order, no waiting around for the item to arrive, get it when you want it.

Craftly Review October 2016 – Final Thoughts

Is it weird that I love this box so much? Am I the only one that finds it intriguing? Does anyone else love it as much as I do? I mean it’s kind of weird, I will probably only use two of the items, but I’m still happy with the box. The card game is pretty darn awesome, and the cord twisty things are very useful, but there’s just no rhyme or reason to anything. Not the name, not the products, not the brands…….nothing. It’s awesome!!





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