Culture Carton Review November 2021: Curtis

Culture Carton is a men’s subscription box designed to make tasteful improvements in your daily life. Here’s a look at November’s Standard box.*

*They kindly sent us this box for review.

Culture Carton is based in the US and offers three subscription options (all prices in USD):

Book Club — Get the handpicked book of the month from Culture Carton. Start building your library now with the best of classic and modern fiction. $16/month + free US shipping.

Standard — All the best men’s lifestyle items and a book every man should read delivered to your doorstep monthly. $45/month + shipping.

Essential — All the best lifestyle items, hand picked by the Culture Carton team, delivered monthly. $35/month + shipping.

Culture Carton also ships outside of the US. Shipping costs vary.

Each Culture Carton box includes a product card that describes the contents in brief, along with the retail value in US dollars. I’ve quoted from it in italics below.

Kingdomtide by Rye Curtis

“Our book this month is Kingdomtide by Rye Curtis. The book is a dramatic and morally complex tale of survival in the wilds of Montana. The characters will draw you in, and the story will keep you hooked from the first page. It will be a great addition to your bookshelf. ($17)”

Here’s a more fulsome synopsis from the publisher:

“The sole survivor of a plane crash, seventy-two-year-old Cloris Waldrip is lost and alone in the unforgiving wilderness of Montana’s rugged Bitterroot Range, exposed to the elements with no tools beyond her wits and ingenuity. Intertwined with her story is Debra Lewis, a park ranger struggling with addiction and a recent divorce who is galvanized by her new mission to find and rescue Cloris.

As Cloris wanders mountain forests and valleys, subsisting on whatever she can scavenge, her hold on life ever more precarious, Ranger Lewis and her motley group of oddball rescuers follow the trail of clues she’s left behind. Days stretch into weeks, and hope begins to fade. But with nearly everyone else giving up, Ranger Lewis stays true until the end.

Dramatic and morally complex, Kingdomtide is a story of the decency and surprising resilience of ordinary people faced with extraordinary circumstances. In powerful, exquisite prose, debut novelist Rye Curtis delivers an inspiring account of two unforgettable characters whose heroism reminds us that survival is only the beginning.”

This is the first time I’ve seen this book and it sounds excellent. Released in January 2020, I think it’s the most current novel Culture Carton has included — generally the books alternate between a classic one month and a more contemporary pick the next. If I’m remembering correctly it’s also the first book with two female protagonists — and about time too!

Sunglass Case

“Next, a suede sunglass case from Weekend Casual. This tasteful upgrade to an often overlooked item will be sure to stand out. ($20)”

I was just looking for a sunglass case the other day and came up short so this one is certainly welcome. It’s a little small for most of my pairs (most are oversized) but would probably fit most styles for men. I wouldn’t use it for expensive glasses as it’s flimsy but it does protect the lenses from scratches which is mainly what I’m after for my collection of $20 and under pairs.

Cell Phone Stand

“A wooden cell phone stand to let you keep your phone in perfect viewing position no matter where you are. ($10)” 

Another useful item. I’ve been propping my phone up in this stand on the kitchen island to listen to music when I’m cooking or baking. I’d prefer the brand name on the underside where you can’t see it but I’m still happy with it. As I think most subscribers would be.


“A duffel bag from Basic Man. This well-constructed bag will work as a perfect travel bag for short trips, or as the ultimate gym bag. ($50)”

I’m impressed with the sturdy quality and size of this bag, which is a great value given the price of the box. My 12-year-old son claimed it right away but it’s also the perfect size for my hubby’s occasional weekend road trips to visit family. Great find!

November’s Culture Carton is valued at $97 and it’s definitely one of my favourites (I’m also partial to their boxes with colour-coordinating ties and socks). The book sounds gripping and I’m happy to see two female leads. I’m getting lots of use out of the sunglass case and the phone stand and the duffel bag is super useful and feels built to last. I know I’m not the intended audience but I’m happy when I can use the items too.

How does November’s Culture Carton grab you?

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