Curiosity Box Review October 2016

Curiosity Box Review October 2016

It has been a long time since my last Curiosity Box review. I received my first box in February of 2015, and it was the cutest little box ever. I received a box full of Valentines crafts for my nieces to make, and they were so darn cute I almost kept them for myself. But that would make me a bad Auntie, so I reluctantly let the box go. Today we are looking at their October box, and it appears to be just as cute as the last one.

Curiosity Box Details

If you aren’t familiar with Curiosity Box it is children’s craft/activity box for ages 3-7. Each month there will be a NEW themed Curiosity Box delivered to your child in their name. Inside each box there will be a selection of 3 themed crafts, 1 themed activity and a Curiosity Card that will also be themed. Each month’s themed Curiosity Box will be based on that month’s holiday or season.


The Box: Curiosity Box

Cost: $26.50 per month

What You Get:With a subscription a NEW themed Curiosity Box will be mailed monthly and will include all supplies for 3 quality crafts, 1 main activity, other activities and much more!

Ships to: US & Canada

Shipping Cost: FREE to Canada & $5 to US

curiosity-box-review-october-2016-3 curiosity-box-review-october-2016-4
October Details

This month’s Curiosity Box is all about Halloween. This is one of the reasons I like Curiosity Box so much. They always theme their boxes around the holidays, and they always include the cutest games and crafts.

Craft #1 – Haunted House

I didn’t have time to do the crafts with my nieces prior to the review, so I have taken photos of the crafts beside the instructions so you can at least see a picture of the finished product. This is one of those foam crafts with interlocking pieces. I LOVE these things. I always look at them when I go to Micheals. They have these for every holiday.

Craft #2 – Reflector Spider Wristband

I speak from experience when I say that children LOVE making crafts that they can wear. This is a genius idea. It’s a craft, an accessory, and safety precaution all in one.

Craft #3 – Funny Skeleton Hanging Decoration

This one also came with a spider web to use as additional decoration. I had one of these when I was a kid. We put it up every year at Halloween and it was one of my favourite decorations.

curiosity-box-review-october-2016-7 curiosity-box-review-october-2016-6
October Activity – Race to the Haunted House

In addition to the crafts, we also receive an activity. This is a Halloween version of snakes and ladders, one of my favourite games to play with my nieces.

curiosity-box-review-october-2016-11 img_1696
Halloween Extras

We also received crayons and a little activity kits (shown above) as well as glue, pumpkin necklaces, tattoos, sticky pumpkin, etc.

Curiosity Box Review October 2016 – Final Thoughts

This is the cutest little craft box for kids. That’s the best way I can describe it. I love the crafts they pick out, they aren’t cheesy, and crafts can often times look very cheesy. I’m probably not explaining that properly. I guess what I am trying to say is that the crafts are so darn cute I want to do them myself. So just imagine how excited your child would be to receive this in the mail. I’m interested to see what kind of items they send when there isn’t a fun holiday to base them around. My nieces are going to absolutely love their new Halloween crafts.





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