Daily Look Elite Box Review January 2017

DailyLook Elite Box is a fashion styling service that sends 7-8 items as per your style requests. You pay a $40 styling fee and only keep what you like. Simply return the rest and only pay for the items you love.

I got to review my very first Daily Look Elite Box in November and ended up keeping almost everything. I was very impressed and think my stylist did a great job. I love the idea of a styling service because I’m one of those girls who hates to shop. I don’t have the patience to go from store to store trying a million things on. It exhausts me, it truly does. With my last Daily Look Elite Box, even though some of the items weren’t styles I would pick out on my own, I ended up loving them once I tried them on. And…..I got to try them on at my leisure. No changing room pressure. This kind of subscription service works perfectly for me.

Here’s a look at the items in my January box:

Line & Dot Flowy Trench – $149.99

This is so unique. I don’t own anything like this, and I am kind of liking the style. You can never go wrong with army green. This would be cute with jeans and a tee, or a dress. It’s a little bulky at the top, but other than that it fits nicely.

Cozy Mixed Knit Cardigan – $43.95

This is what I was hoping to see in my January box! I love, love, love oversized cardigans. And this beige/black color combo is a personal favourite. This will look super cute with skinny jeans and boots.

Faithfull Maxi Dress – $129.99

I’m not too sure how I feel about this item. While I love a good maxi dress, it’s not very appropriate for BC weather. It’s super cold and snowy here right now so I wouldn’t be able to wear this until April at the earliest.


Uptown High-Waisted Super Skinny Jeans – $72

Pants are a very hard item for me to order online. My body shape isn’t that of a typical woman. I am small for my size, extremely slim through the hips, and my legs are very long. But, I’m happy to report that these fit me perfectly. And they are very comfortable.

DailyLook Ruffle Collar Tank – $62

Mustard yellow is one of my favourite colours when it comes to tops. And if it was Spring or Summer I would have loved to see this in the box. But, as I mentioned above, it’s pretty cold here right now so I just can’t see myself wearing this anytime soon.

Ithaca Print Tunic – $78

This has a very boho/beachy vibe to it. I love that it is loose and flowy, but I almost feel like it is better suited to Summer, or a vacation.

Gold Tank – ?

I couldn’t find this item on my product print out, so I’m not sure how much it is. I think they included it because it would be a cute little holiday top. It definitely has a 70’s retro feel. I like the style and the fit, I’m just not sure about the gold.

Peplum Tank – ?

This is super cute but peplum tanks do not look good on me. I really, really want to love this top but I just can’t. It’s very comfortable though. It has a bit of stretch to it, and fits perfectly. It’s just the style I’m not liking. I’m wider through the shoulders and smaller thought the hips and for some reason, peplum just doesn’t suit my body shape.

Off The Shoulder Blouse – ?

When I filled out my style profile I indicated that orange is the only color I’m not a fan of. This could probably be considered coral, but even then, it doesn’t fit me very well so I still wouldn’t want to keep it. When I have it on the front of the hem comes down lower than the back.

Daily Look Elite Box Review January 2016 – Final Thoughts

Hmmm….I just not sure that I am liking this month’s DailyLook Elite Box. I definitely prefered my November box to this one. Most of the styles are more suited to warmer weather, and as cute as they are, I just wouldn’t be able to wear them for a few months, at least. I kind of want pieces I can wear now. Therefore, I have decided to keep the jeans, the cozy cardigan and the army green cardigan. These are items I can incorporate into my wardrobe now, and pieces that I will be able to style with items I already have in my closet. I will be sending back all the other items. I think if it was April or May I would have ended up keeping a few more items. Right now I need warm and cozy. I’m a tiny little thing and it’s darn cold outside, I need all the warmth I can get.






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