Diosa Box Review November 2016

Diosa Box Review November 2016

I have a feeling November is going to be another great month of subscription boxes. Today I have another new one to share with you and I’m already a huge fan. I discovered this box a few weeks back and could tell it was going to be a good one. If you are in to holistic living and natural beauty products you MUST keep reading….

Diosa Box Details

If you aren’t familiar with Diosa Box it is a new lifestyle subscription box that offers high impact women a holistic approach to self care. They offer the joy of discovery through new wellness brands, all natural beauty products, delicious food items and lifestyle goods that promote personal growth. This is a great monthly gift for the hard working woman in your life who deserves some quality self care, even if that woman is you! Treat ‘yo self!

The Box: Diosa Box

Cost: $49.99 per month

What You Get: When you sign up with Diosa Box you will receive a mix of 4-5 thoughtfully curated FULL SIZE items. Discover new Facial Care, Body Care, Wellness Brands, and Delicious Healthy Treats! Your monthly surprise is valued at $70 -$80 per box.

Ships to: US

Shipping Cost: FREE

Coupon Code: Use code DIOSA10SZ to get 10% off your first box – CLICK HERE

November Theme

The theme for the November Diosa Box is Gratitude. The product card says “This month is all about gratitude and showing some extra love. This November we encourage you ti give yourself a little TLC by nourishing your skin and your soul.”

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Finding Gratitude Journal

Start a journey that actively recognizes all of the amazing things around you! Focused practice develops a stronger resilience to stress and a happier, healthier life.

I get so unbelievably excited when I see items like this in my subscription boxes. I think this is the PERFECT product for their first box. It really sets the tone and gives me hope that this is what we can expect from them every month.

Kona Body Scrub

A special blend of all natural ingredients will nourish and heal your skin by hydrating, softening, and alleviating the appearance of cellulite and stretch marks. Amen to that!

I have received a TON of body scrubs lately, but I don’t mind at all. I love a good body scrub. There’s something so nice about it. And it leaves your skin so soft.

Green Goddess Face Mask

French green clay, spinach, and alfalfa create a delicate mask that gently exfoliates while packing tons of anti-aging vitamins and minerals your skin will thank you for.

I am SO intrigued by this face mask. It includes spinach and alfalfa, that kind of excites me. I actually plan on giving it a try tonight. You can definitely smell the greens when you open the jar.

Nourish Face Serum

A perfect pick me up for dry, dull skin, made with a unique blend of “liquid gold”. These high quality oils are sure to nourish your skin, leaving you touchable smooth and supple.

This will be perfect for my skin. It definitely gets dry come this time of year….and dull. I rave about face oils all the time, so I don’t need to do it again.

Pike Place Herbs

We can’t guarantee that this will last all month, since we’re pretty sure you’re going to love this delicious blend of hand raised herbs and spices. You can thank us later.

How fun is it that they included a jar of spices. It tells us that we can expect food items in our monthly boxes in addition to beauty products. This spice blend smells amazing and I love all the different spices it includes.

Diosa Box Review November 2016 – Final Thoughts

It should come as no surprise that I am loving this box! I am very impressed with my first Diosa Box. I think they put together some great items for their first month and really set the tone. I hope this is what we can expect to see every month. The Gratitude Journal is the star of the box, and I love that Gratitude was their theme this month. It’s so exciting to see another great box on the market. This is one to keep an eye on.





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