Dispatch Review August 2019

Dispatch by Breakout will bring you on awesome adventures of mystery solving and real life stories. You will feel immersed as if you were part of the story and deeply involved in the case brought to you. Fan of “Escape the room” type of games and well thought games, this box is for you.

I played lots of “escape the room” games, so Dispatch was really calling to me. My husband and I love to unravel mysteries and were very pleased to have the opportunity to try this subscription box.

Dispatch kindly sent me the “On the run” story to review. It is 7 chapters long, and I will review one box per month, so stay tuned. Before I start with the story and the box, here are the subscription basics:

Subscribe to Dispatch, choose your story, and your first package will be in the mail immediately. Then, you will receive a new box each month.

Open the box to find physical clues that lead you to the web and back to the real world to unravel a mysterious crime.

Unravel the tangled web of clues found in each package, as additional details are revealed with every package.

You subscription can be paid month-to-month ($24.99), every 6 months ($124.99) or for a year ($199.99). You can also purchase a complete story all at once.

This month, I discovered the third chapter: “What’s Inside”, the fourth box of the seven chapters story (the first one was the introduction).

If you have not read my first reviews, here is a reminder of the main plot:

In this story, I discovered that my best friend James disappeared. He is missing after being convicted of the murder of his famous wife. Something was wrong, even before that event and I want to find out what happened and most importantly find my friend. What did he get into?

I am going deeper in the mystery with every box, and I am thrilled to see all these new clues.
I have not found the usual list of items in the box, so here is the list:

  • UV light with a note
  • Music sheet
  • Coloring sheet with red marker
  • Playing cards
  • Ledger page with invoice
  • Police reports (2x)
  • Medical reports (2x)
  • Movie ticket
  • Boomerang card
  • Letter
  • Diary pages

How cool is that? A real UV light! I will try it on everything from now on to make sure I do not miss an important clue.

I wonder what song it is. I will play it just for fun, but I do not think that the partition is the most important thing on this page. Those notes are certainly telling me something else than music.

Last month I had an origami project and this time some coloring. I love these little art projects! They even provided a red marker to start.

It tells me to “color five and six as one and see what she’s done”. I wonder what I am going to discover…


Oh boy! That deck of cards is, for now, a real mystery to me. There are different messages on most cards (some are the same) and it does not reveal any clue at first, but there must be something that I don’t see. A pattern with the colored dots maybe?

A very big withdrawal was made in the “Fon Love of Lydia”. There is an invoice with the accounts details about SHP (the same that did the withdrawal) that implies that $5 000 is due. Who is SHP and why did he get all that money?

I received two police reports. One is from Lydia’s car crash (just before she disappear). I think I will have to calculate the speed she was going. Was she going fast enough to really hurt herself on that tree? There is also a missing person report that was created after Lydia’s father contacted the police to report his stolen car and missing daughter. So, more information about Lydia and her disappearance. What was she arguing about with her father that night?

There are two medical reports for the same person and the identity is hidden as well as the dates. I am tempted to relate it to another event, but I am not going to pronounce myself too soon.

A movie ticket to see the movie “Love and Death in the Outback”. There is a website to know more about the movie and I think I recognized one of the actors with a photo I received in a previous box. There is also some code behind the ticket. What does it mean?

Instructions to throw a boomerang? It must hide something important. I might take a look at it with the UV light I received. If I do not find something with it, I do not know what I will do with this. I could show my kids how to throw a boomerang maybe?

The envelope and the matching paper are so cute! I love to see that kind of detail like handwritten letter and envelope to pair it with. I am not sure who the letter is from but there is something in the first box that might help me. The letter is addressed to a certain Roland and I do not remember him. I will take a look at the other items to see if his name is somewhere.

That diary page came with the letter. I learned that it is from Lydia’s private diary (the same Lydia they created a fund for since her disappearance). From what I read, she knew a lot about what was going on in her family and I believe things did not go well when she decided to let the truth out.

Finally, some documents were in this envelope. There are similar lines on the back too. It looks like movie titles with blank spaces. I might be able to fill most lines, but how am I going to use this information?

Dispatch August 2019 Review – Final Thoughts

I was really impressed last month with the trip to Japan but once again, Dispatch brought me even more fun games to discover. I love how each box has a specific theme, another parcel of the story that opens up another door of that mystery. It is like a giant spider web that Dispatch created, and they are giving a few threads at a time. In this box, I especially liked the art part with the coloring and the music sheet. I still have three boxes to discover, so stay tuned.

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