Dispatch Review June 2019

Dispatch by Breakout will bring you on awesome adventures of mystery solving and real life stories. You will feel immerse as if you were part of the story and deeply involved in the case brought to you. Fan of “Escape the room” type of games and well thought games, this box is for you.

I played lots of “escape the room” games, so Dispatch was really calling to me. My husband and I love to unravel mysteries and were very pleased to have the opportunity to try this subscription box.

Dispatch kindly sent me the “On the run” story to review. It is 7 chapters long, and I will review one box per month, so stay tuned. Before I start with the story and the box, here are the subscription basics:

Subscribe to Dispatch, choose your story, and your first package will be in the mail immediately. Then, you will receive a new box each month.

Open the box to find physical clues that lead you to the web and back to the real world to unravel a mysterious crime.

Unravel the tangled web of clues found in each package, as additional details are revealed with every package.

You subscription can be paid month-to-month ($24.99), every 6 months ($124.99) or for a year ($199.99). You can also purchase a complete story all at once.

This month, I discovered the chapter 1, the second box of the seven chapters story (the first one was the introduction). By the look of it, I will make a little trip to Chili where the Van Kress (James wife family) have a mining business.

If you have not read my first review, here is a reminder of the main plot:

In this story, I discovered that my best friend James disappeared. He is missing after being convicted of the murder of his famous wife. Something was wrong even before that event and I want to find out what happen and most importantly find my friend. What did he get into?

In the introduction, I gathered some important information and James left me some clues. Now, let’s go deeper in the mystery and take a look at what I received in my second box…

Hmm, so James hired a private detective. From what I read, the detective’s task was not easy and he found it sketchy to look around for clues. I will read that report and the detectives notes carefully.

My friend James was working for his wife’s company. It is a big business and one the branches of the company is mining. Something happened at the mine and James might be involved. The pages from the foreman’s journal might include important information.

The copper mine safety report is quite a puzzle! Putting everything back together will be a challenge. If they try to get rid of it, I bet it has valuable information for me. That will cost a lot of adhesive tape, but I am sure it is worth it!

These articles will tell me more about what terrible event happened in the mines and what followed. I wonder how it is connected to my friend James.

Just with this letter from James, I think I will have a lot of fun. He gives a lot of information to find who was involved in the mining accident. I think most of the items in the box will be useful to solve this puzzle.

Can you see the quality of that coin? It came in a little plastic pouch to protect it and it is made of real solid metal. It looks very nice. There are all the letters of the alphabet and every letter equal a different one. I just don’t know yet with what items I am going to use it. There must be some hidden message somewhere waiting for me (in the papers or maybe online on some new website).

Dispatch June 2019 Review – Final Thoughts

I was amazed with the introduction Dispatch box, and was as pleased to discover the first chapter. I had read about the accident in the mine last month, but with this box, I really got deeper in the strangeness of it. Once again, I am impressed with the items: the articles printed on real newspaper, the hand written notes, the copper coin, etc all makes it look so real. I cannot wait for the next box of On the Run from Dispatch.

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