Dispatch: The Art of Spy Craft Review

If you LOVE breaking out of Escape Rooms, Mysteries, Murder, and Mayhem. Or trying to find the answers to clues and competing or working together with friends on a Top Secret Mystery Dispatch by Breakout is PERFECT for you! This is a review on their Art of Spy Craft box.

You’ll start with:


You’ve been mistaken for a top secret agent. Track down an assassin known as The Raven to stop his nuclear threat. Can you sabotage The Raven’s plan in time?

This has 5 sections that will be sent for your to solve. What is absolutely fantastic about this company is that they really have thought about everything. The money looks real, there are websites, Twitter, and Instagram accounts that you have to hunt down to figure out the clues that they give you.

In part two of I, Spy the mystery deepens with new twists and turns as you explore Monaco. Each of the sections builds off of the other. You may want to keep the previous month’s box next to you as the other ones come in! They might be helpful.

Each of the cards that comes with the box lets you know in the upper right hand corner how far you are in to the series. They also have awesome QR codes for help with the boxes with other players in the Slack Chat. Or you could join the Facebook group and chat there about the newest mystery. I love everything about this box. It makes me feel like I am Sherlock Holmes or Ms. Marple.

In the fourth installment of I, Spy we are heading to Hawaii to track down a nuclear device. The Raven might have a trap set for you! I am loving that all of the previous boxes help me figure out the next box. It is like being apart of the mystery instead of just reading about it.

I haven’t received the fifth and final box of the I, Spy series. But I am eagerly awaiting what the end of this series has for us!

I highly recommend that you check out Dispatch by Breakout! You wont have another boring Date Night or Game Night with friends!

Happy sleuthing!


Courtny McFarland – https://courtagonist.wordpress.com

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